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NRA Down & WAR-ren Peace…

June 26th, 2019

The NRA-TV is No More On-line. It was Never a solid “Business” model. It was about sellin guns (Fucked) and letting people kill/hurt/wound people. This is Nice, but not NEARLY what’s required legally They’re not only hurting but society is correctly judged them as ONLY about profit over lives, & it ends them. Elizabeth Warren […]

The Head Of The US Customs & Boarder Patrol just QUIT. As if Somehow, legally speaking it’ll (<-Inhuman fucks) stop the Very Real Legal Consequences coming their Way From The Courts Shortly. This Where racist hate “Violates” our laws, humanity and in most cases have Broken the Law from the 1997 Flores Vs Reno Settlement […]

There is no Legal, moral, or Security Argument for Keeping people in Cages indefinitely. And it (Insane) is Clear, Our Courts and Judges will not let this illegal lunacy stand. It got so bad a panel all of three Judges Grilled this Imbecilic Government lawyer named Sarah Fabian. This is all required viewing; & it […]

This is a great Moment. Not just for humanity but for Actually Speaking With one another, & (Nice!) how will Listen. This isn’t about Conflating any discussions. This, Is About Having THIS One & doing It Thoughtfully so We all understand it & have a voice. Watch/listen to this, and enjoy it Have a weekend!

Will Americans, ‘Really’ Trump And Bolton, start a “War” with Iran about them shootin (We Know) down one of our drones?!?! Trump, no. But Bolton, hells to the yes! Forget that you can not do that legally speaking. Congress must declare war. They will try to Skirt that legal issue With “Incursions” Or “Operations”. Ah […]

No “Hope” For Hicks…

June 19th, 2019

In Today’s “DC Bullshit Fest 2019” Hope Hicks said NOTHING. Her “Legal” Objected at every (<-Fraud) question at every turn. Dems best get their ass in Gear. This Silly ‘Kangaroo Court Stuff’ Is Not what they are in Power for. Checks & balances, accountability, Upholding the Law and JUSTICE If they keep playing political games […]

Things, are not going well for Mitch McConnell And we will Not Be Re-elected. I’m Calling this (Truth) here 1st. the reason?! Their fake Patriotism is now fully seen as the “sham” is always was & always will be. They wrap themselves in a flag Only to SHIT on Everything & everyone that It represents. […]

For Orange Idiot, even Fox Turns On Him Well, I say “Turns”, but it’s really more of (“He fucked”) “Pointing out legal Reality”. When the Fat orange asshole gets called out by Fox and Frauds; the end’s near. Shep Smith and 1 Judge Have Ended This “Thing”. And I DO mean totally legally called him […]

While Orange Fuckstick was on national TV openly Admitting He Will Violate Campaign (“I criminal”) Finance Law, the “Logan Act”, Emoluments Clause, CRA of 2002 & many more in sayin he would accept election dirt from a foreign hostel government with “I’d take it” his lyin machine known as Sarah Sanders suckabee will leave At […]

Now, AG Barr & Wilbur Ross were just Held in Contempt of Congress so what does that (<-D-Nadler) that mean?!?! It Means a “Formal” charges AGAIN for An “Administration” who are ALL legally fucked. That is what It Really means And as Hope Hicks Finally agrees to Testify, which Means they All See It Coming […]

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