There is no Legal, moral, or Security Argument

for Keeping people in Cages indefinitely. And it


is Clear, Our Courts and Judges will not let this

illegal lunacy stand. It got so bad a panel all of

three Judges Grilled this Imbecilic Government

lawyer named Sarah Fabian. This is all required

viewing; & it ‘clearly’ states these monsters are

not only In Violation Of The Courts, but of Their

own “Agreement”. She gets legally destroyed at

Around 24 Minutes, Into This “Depantsing”. She

had no Legal Argument to actually make. And It

is clear, These are kinda “Concentration Camps”

(Sarah Fail)

It was a shameful display. She tried to claim that

“Those things may be Part of A Sanitary Place (A

tooth-brush, soap, a blanket, Etc)”. Not “May be”

the judges clearly stated they ARE. This evil, sick

abhorrent Environment Shouldn’t Exist at All and

History Will Judge these immoral Monsters Harsh

Have a day!


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