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This is fucked up. It’s actually well past super fucked up to me What appears to be a lone gunman, walked into an Aurora, CO (Yes he is) mid-night screening of the Dark Knight Rises. He had on a long coat, gas mask, Kevlar vest, and guns. He released an unknown gas, then opened fire […]

Libor either sounds like some 8th level monster in Skyrim’s mountains or a herpes strain cure TV ad. Could also be the name of your tall butler (Your butler “Libor”?) Libor is the interest rate that the biggest world banks charge each other for borrowing money from each other. Turns out, the banks were fuckin […]

This is bad. When I say bad, I mean it like a sheep baaaaaaaaaaaaaad Mitt’s top surrogate, former COS to H.W Bush, John Sununu said this: (“Pull my finger!”) “He(Obama) has no idea how the American system functions, and we shouldn’t be surprised about that, because he spent his early years in Hawaii smoking something, spent […]

The Democrats are now doing something they don’t do. Attacking hard The party of “Super Pussness”, has now laced up the gloves & are ready (“Bring it”) Congressional Democrats are saying, “either the wealthy lose their tax cuts, & spending provisions, or they will all expire”. D-Patty Murry said: “If we can’t get a good […]

Not yet, and my best guess is they will wait on this until August Who’ll be “Romney’s Choice”? Which is ironically the brand (“I know kung fu”) new name of movie about a war torn solider choosing between the life & death of his 2 kids. It’s also a new brand of coffee for people […]

Tosh 2.blow is in a war of words. He literally is, because he was doing a set, & did some “rape jokes”. 1st off, I wasn’t there, so I (Rapity rape rape) don’t have a clue what was actually said. Not a clue. This is all heresay, which is just about as good as the […]

Lord Mittington Fancy Slacks addressed the NAACP. He sold his usual talking points: gumberment bad, freedom good, all tax cuts (Ask “him” for help) awesome, deregulation great, & cut all social safety net programs You know, “the usual”. Like when a guy walks into a diner he has frequented since forever, the waitress Mige say, […]

Check out this wild clip from a Jordanian debate on live TV Holy shit balls. Throwing a shoe is just plan old goofy ass (No shoe throwing!) But pulling a fucking gun on someone is a another thing… “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!”. This shit is nuttier than out political system, and that is nucking futs. I […]

Obama Tax Cut Fight?

July 9th, 2012

Seems Obama wants to raise taxes on those making over $250,000 But keep the cuts for those making under it. Oh, what a great idea! (Yes, you like it”) It’s the exact one he had when running for president in 2008. Now how did that turn out? Oh, you EXTENDED the fucking Bush tax cuts […]

A lifeguard was fired, after saving someone from drowning Turns out Tomas Lopez was not supposed to cover the area (“WTF?”) he saved the drowning man. The name of the company’s Jeff Ellis & Associates who pay him. Their logic is, “but now you neglected the area we paid you to watch in helping them, […]

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