Tosh 2.blow is in a war of words. He literally is, because he was

doing a set, & did some “rape jokes”. 1st off, I wasn’t there, so I

(Rapity rape rape)

don’t have a clue what was actually said. Not a clue. This is all

heresay, which is just about as good as the quality of free advice

This is what people say happened: Tosh did a set up, & said that

all rape joke were funny. A female in the audience disagreed….

She said directly to him, “Actually rape joke are never funny!”

(NEVER I say!)

So after a long pause, as you take when someone interrupts your

set, Tosh said: “Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like,

5 guys right now? Like right now? What if a bunch of guys just

raped her…’. She stayed through the show & complained after

Rape jokes are never funny? “What’s a rapists nightmare? Jail!”


“I tried to rape a girl. By “rape” I meant “fuck”, & by “girl” I meant

“pillow”. Sadly, it turned me down”. You big idiot. LET THE JOKE

play all the way out. If it’s just a simple rape joke, then I agree but

for shits sake YOU’RE AT A COMEDY CLUB. We know what the

fuck we’re doing. Maybe stay at home in bubble wrap next time

(Clearly a cross dresser)

People’s taste in jokes is a lot like people’s sex fetishes. Some are

tame: lingerie, or play dress up. Some are medium: use sex toys

And some are extreme: someone taking a big shit on your chest

as you orgasm. But they’re all listed under “fetish”, it’s personal

It’s his right as a comedian to push the limits. If you don’t like it,

(Yes you)

you’re free to get up & vote with your body that it’s unacceptable.

But when you shout up, or heckle, as the girl did, now you’re just

creating an environment in which only YOUR views are the one’s

considered. Well honestly, fuck off then. You’re a big moron kid

Rape isn’t funny to me. Never has been. But it’s not my material

(She says down)

I saw my buddy Doug Stanhope weigh in on it here. We worked

at the now defunct Zanies in Vernon Hills together, & still have a

bar stool from that show that he & Andy lifted. They didn’t have

a place to put it, so I slapped it in my truck. Actually, it was my

dads truck. I don’t own a car. Mostly cause I saw gas prices now

(Gas prices…bad)

Meh, the girl overreacted. Clearly Tosh doesn’t want her to get

raped, or thinks rape is hilarious. He’s pushing the sarcasm of

it all. Like if I said, “Exploding underwear is always funny”…..

Then a girl yells out, “No it’s not!”, & just as she says it her under

wear explodes. If you can’t grasp that idea of comedy in EVERY

(“It’s off the charts”)

thing she watches on TV, then stick with Transforms 5: $ Sucker

I DO fucking hate the younger kids of today. It’s ALWAYS about

THEM. No you turds, it’s NOT. Now sit down, listen, & enjoy the

show. If not, get your ass out of the place because you’re fucking

up life for the rest of us. We were busy enjoy it until you came…

Cop Gives “Michelle Obama” Death Threat?

What a huge POS. No, a massive huge dingle berry on the ass of

life. A motorcycle escort District of Columbia cop, who was the

(Your next!)

main security detail of the POTUS & first lady, allegedly said,

“he would shoot the First Lady & then used his cell to retrieve a

picture of the firearm he said he would use” a source at the post

Classy! People like this are the reason we can’t have nice things

(Yes it is!)

And, seconds until we find out he’s a white racist? 3,2,1. I’d bet

both my testicles on it. Again, this election will be racist & sad

Have a weekend!

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