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Republican’s once again find a Brand New, Evil Low To Hit By (Yup) voting NO against medical aid for War Vets. Get this straight; They do, not, Care, about, our Military Men/Woman. They are only Interested in the wars for Profit. “End” Of Story. R’s Just Voted Against it, then They all celebrated with ‘Fist […]

Congressional Senate Republican’s just got played so hard! Old turtle (Ya done!) Just Had The Mitch Slapped Outta Him. Finally, to Pass Actual “Laws” that Matter. Manchin stuck a large Knife into Mitch’s Back. And, I say GOOD! So, they passed the ‘Chips’ Act, AND Significant Energy And a Health care Bill. Giddy UP!! We’re […]

TFG is now Officially Under DOJ Investigation for His Actions On (“Bend over!”) Jan 6th. Ooooooops. That, is All she Wrote folks. There is nothin’ to “Investigate”, He DID It. And the legal proof is just irrefutable DOJ has been working Tirelessly 2 get the legal facts in order. So there’s No escape, no running […]

Thursdays hearin’ was less about bombshells and more about what (<-Criming) We Already Knew. TFG’s A large ‘Bucket’ of Violent Racist, Fascist domestic Terrorist shit. And now The Entire Worlds Knows it. Well, we Already ALL ‘Knew’ it. Others are now Gettin up to speed, and learning In Real time. And forget That Sitting R’s […]

Biden….is Now “COVID Positive” Mayas well get it at the end of a (“Simmer down”) Pandemic, right? I mea Why the heck not?! All the other kids Are doing It. Forget He Is “fine” and The Symptoms Are Mild. Let Us all Freak Out For No Reich Wing reason. Naaaah; that’s for nutso Lying idiots […]

The ‘Defense Of Marriage’ Act has just passed The House 267-157 & (Jesse Peterson?) 47 R’s Joined It. Which Means It Got 157 Republican “No’s”! OMG The ‘Vast Majority’ of Their Party Is Against “Equality”. Holy Shit!! THIS is Exactly what they All are Hate, Nazi’s, Ignorance & ‘Abuse’ Voters, are Not Having it & […]

This Bannon Trial Will Be very fast. In fact, it might only last (Buh Bye!) 1-5 days tops. They ‘Have’ No actual defense & said so. This is what happens when ya fuck Around. Now “Comes” The old “Finding Out” Phase. AND, IN speaking Of “Finding Out” We got R’s in Congress all Getting ROASTED […]

Dried Out Domestic Terrorist & Future Liver Donor waiting (Ha!) list toad, Steve Bannon’s trial Starts Today. It “Beings” with The “Jury Selection”. You Get bet it will Be quick, much like sentencing. He’s going to Jail You can book it. Open & Shut (Jail Cell door closes). Booom The Mid-Terms Loom And the Republican […]

Turning On TFG & New Old…

July 15th, 2022

Everyone is turning on TFG but ONLY Because He’s Legally F’ed (Thrown) Until then, they ALL lined Up & grifted/rode his hate for their $ No morals no respect & they’re All as ‘Criminal’ as Him. Former Lawyer & Old West Gun Fighter Ty Cobb Turned as They all are doing At “Light speed”. So […]

Well well. The long Arm Of the law is just Starting to catch up (Ha ha ha!) with all The R’s “criming” shit Like How about the CO Fraud in Elections for The R’s. Mesa Clerk Tina Peters, turned Her Self In, Monday. Oooooooops And, more Criminals are goin down By the day. YES, it’s […]

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