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Yes, someone has not only said it, they have Thoughtfully Articulated Exactly what they’re (Not all, but most) doing, Why & how. Elizabeth Warren clearly told a Snotty trust Fund Brat In one “Megan McCain” why she won’t go on FOX until it is fully away from the White Nationalist pricks To that, I say, […]

As the Entire Reich Wing Hate machine loses their Tiny minds Knowing it’s all Legally over (They Didn’t) Trump Admits Russia Helped him And MORE Forget the Toddler Tyrant Doesn’t even know how His “Presidency Ends”. He Doesn’t Know what the impeachment Process is. Mostly it’s because he’s a Lying, racist, criminal colossal fucking moron. […]

Mueller Spoke today. Let me Translate what he said in his around 9 minutes just for you: (It’s Bad) “Yes, Trump and his pals all Committed serious crimes. However, due to a Partisan AG & Being told up front that I can’t indict him, here’s a Lil report of all the Crimes for Congress to […]

In news from across the “pond” Theresa May is now OUT. Gone. Finished. Over. And now We’ll (<-Bye Bye!) see Which Lunatic “No Deal, Hard Brexitter”, Is frothing at the Mouth to Take Over. Forget that the EU said they will not have any more no deal discussions. The far Right wing Trumpian Idiots have […]

Rex Tillerson Stated Clearly That Donny Dump was “outmaneuvered” by Putin in a critical big (“Hooked em”) meeting. Naturally, the Orange Babbling Anus then attacked Rex for just tellin’ the truth that we ALL clearly see. Speaking of Beating Down the loud child, Nancy Pelosi is pulling a nice lil Rorschach from Watchmen. Trump Thinks […]

Ahhh, No. This Fraud, Does More “Cover Ups” than a coked up father playing peekaboo with (We Know) their baby. And, Things will be Getting Worse In what can only be Called A “Hail Mary” by a sock armed Toddler, Orange Idiot tried his all but best “No Cover Up” Bit in a failed attempt […]

What Trump, & His Republican Sycophants are Doing Is Clear. Tell Article I of OUR US (“Obstruct!”) Constitution, Along With ‘House Democrats’ to “Fuck off!”. And up to now, they are ALL letting Him. If you Tell a Child “If you do X, you will face Y as the Consequences”. Then you BEST Follow Through, […]

A “Tale of Two Cities” Unfolds Before Our Eyes In one, you See Light, Someone trying to hold (Indeed) other citizens up & Embrace the best values in all of us. And in DC we see a fat lying immoral racist Crook Trying run out the clock before he is thrown in jail. Lori Lightfoot […]

Do you hear that? It’s coming down the tracks Lady Justice Is Full Steam Ahead and about to (<-Recordings) run over The most corrupt criminals in ‘Merica Turns out Flynn has recorded Conversations in a “Voice mail”. Ooooops; and There were both people From ‘Trumps Campaign’ & Republicans in Congress Who Reached Out with clear […]

Was What lying Partisan Fraud AG William Barr mockingly ‘Asked’ Nancy Pelosi about his Overt (Laugh it up) Contempt Of Congress Charge. Her Response Is as cool as they come. She said that the Sargent at arms was there should an arrest be necessary Ohhhhhhh & it Should have ALREADY Happened Mnuchin should Already be […]

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