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And, Another Hero Rises…

September 28th, 2018

Republican Jeff Flake did Something that we will remember for all of American History. It (Nicely done!) was as heroic as it was thoughful. Jeff simply said “I am a “No” Vote Unless We Delay This Vote For One Week And Simply Allow An FBI investigation, Limited In Scope, to Get to the truth”. Wow! […]

Heroic Bravery, The Collapse…

September 27th, 2018

Dr Ford just Testified today. This was not only a historic moment, it was brave, gutwrenching (Hero!) honest, Poised, Composed and truthful. In the only Way Possible, she was not only truthful & fully Cooperative, she was Brave. I can not say the Same For Brett Kavanaugh’s Testimony. It was unhinged, loud Yelling & utterly […]

Julie Swetnick stepped forward and her charges are VERY damning. She was Very Clear About it: (<-Mr Asshole) “In approximately 1982, I became the “victim” of one of these ‘Gang’ or ‘train’ rapes where Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh were both present (naming a friend)” There needs to be an fbi investigation yesterday Not for […]

Laughingstock & 3rd Accuser…

September 25th, 2018

Trump tried to deliver a speech to the UN today And it Went about how you’d Think any Trumpy (<-Dumbfuck) speech would go. From bad, to worse to a laugh when it wasn’t supposed to be a Joke. Wooooow what a fuckin’ super Clown. If he Wasn’t POTUS it’d be a Shit ton Funnier. Hey, […]

2nd Accuser; GOP Fucked…

September 24th, 2018

As Rod Rosenstein “Is Up In The air” & means he might be “fired” by trumpy the world see’s an ass (Staying 4 now!) hole Sociopath Skipping Across the Red line of All red lines with glee. If Mueller is touched or told to stop, we will now be in a Constitutional Crisis, but it […]

“Have A Good Time”…

September 20th, 2018

As the US deals with more senseless gun violence, Republicans, All Attacking a ‘Sexual Assault’ Victim (We know) and Right Wing Media ignoring Anita Hill hearings We still have Donny Dipshit “playing at president” and royally fucking it up. While visiting decimated parts of the Carolina’s he said “have a good time” Followed, by Telling […]

Trump’s Fucked & Backfire…

September 19th, 2018

Trump “Wants” Unredacted Confidential Information ‘about’ Cater Page & Russia (“This cell?”) probe 4 a Partisan political ploy released In What Will Be Nail #5,879 he is in such deep shit. It Crossed a ‘red line’ with the FBI & DOJ in Exposing Our Active Agents and secret methods. This will destroy him Speakin’ of […]

And Now, The Hate…

September 18th, 2018

The Reich Wing Today is not consistent, they have No Honor, no Kindness, & no (No shit!) moral Footing. It Is Just the “Sociopath” Wild West, where Republicans never do anything Wrong, & Democrats ‘Existing’ is an Afront to humanity. It’s cult group think shit, will Kill their party & is dying off as Fast […]

Kavanaugh’s Collapsing…

September 17th, 2018

As the Orange Toddler Tries To Pretend His entire world, family and job aren’t at Stake (Yes!) we have the woman now stepping forward in the Brett Kavanaugh Charges. Christine Blasey Ford is Her Name. And our Country will NEVER Forget it. She is A 51 Year Old research Psychologist Holding a Doctorate She has […]

Guilty Plea & Attempted Rape…

September 14th, 2018

With All our love, 1st responders and aid for those Hit so Hard by Florence, just stay safe (Yes he is) Paul Manafort plead GUILTY to Conspiracy Against the United States and one count of Conspiracy To ‘Obstruct’ Justice. He is Now cooperating With Mueller. Oooooooooooops He’s doin’ this right before his trial which Is […]

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