Laughingstock & 3rd Accuser…

September 25th, 2018

Trump tried to deliver a speech to the UN today

And it Went about how you’d Think any Trumpy


speech would go. From bad, to worse to a laugh

when it wasn’t supposed to be a Joke. Wooooow

what a fuckin’ super Clown. If he Wasn’t POTUS

it’d be a Shit ton Funnier. Hey, speaking of loud

lying Losers, It Seems there Will Now be a third

accuser Stepping Forward Wednesday against a

seriously ‘Disliked’ SCOTUS Nominee Brett Cave

Man Kavanaugh. And, The “ENTIRE” Republican

Party is Standing Firmly Behind Him. Which is a


great thing for Voters To Witness 1st Hand. This

is death For The Entire GOP. Good, they now all

Own This Immoral Hate Standing Up For Sexual

assault, instead of Morality And Law. Vote Them

all out this November. Go Register to Vote folks!

NOTE: With Dr Ford Set To Speak This Thursday And
More Problems For Kavauanugh Daily, It Seems AS IF
The Entire GOP Has Now Stepped In A Big Moral Bear
Trap, That Will Never go Away. Ahem, They Shouldn’t
Have been Hunting In the 1st Place & all Deserve This
NOTE II: Cosby Sentenced 3-10 Years in State Prison

Have a day!

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