Guilty Plea & Attempted Rape…

September 14th, 2018

With All our love, 1st responders and aid for

those Hit so Hard by Florence, just stay safe

(Yes he is)

Paul Manafort plead GUILTY to Conspiracy

Against the United States and one count of

Conspiracy To ‘Obstruct’ Justice. He is Now

cooperating With Mueller. Oooooooooooops

He’s doin’ this right before his trial which Is

ALL about Collusion with the Russians, just

to avoid dying in jail. But, know “this” now:

The charges Will Only Be Dropped upon his

full Cooperation Producing Successful Facts,


documents and information to aid Mueller’s

team. In other words, No New Dirt, Still Jail

We are now inside the Room with Don Jr, &

everyone. Trump and Everyone Around him

are ALL going down. Oh, who suggested the

Mike Pence Pick Again?!?!? Oh, it’s Manafort

Oh and he Can’t use his lawyer when talking

Brett Kavanaugh, in “High school”, Had That

“Rapey Feeling”. Wow, this guy is a one sick

(“I rape!”)

fuck if true. It’s also very true because right

Away, R-Chuck “I Already Knew About This”

Grassley Dropped the most Insane Letter in

which They Don’t Dispute The Claim but say

“Well, these Other 65 Women Who he didn’t

try to rape seem to like him just fine”. Gross

Have a weekend!

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