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Groin Kickingly Great Friday!

September 28th, 2012

Also goes by GKGF. What’s a GKGF you ask?!?! It’s that simple (Boot to dong) Like I said, it’s just that simple. Have two female cat-people hold Hold the arms back of a “man-dog”, & kick him right in the groin There is it, your thought of the weekend. Enjoy my party people! Have a […]

They’re Back Baby!

September 27th, 2012

The real NFL refs are back. Thank fucking Jesus H tap dancing Christ FINALLY! And it was all about the $ right? No, it was about pensions (Puck fensions) Each team would have to pay another $100,000 per year for this. In a 7 billion dollar industry, they were asked to pay .000879% of their […]

Akin Stayin, Warren War, & Kwayzar

September 26th, 2012

Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin is stayin, just sayin. He likes his chances of getting that ever elusive “failed biology dumbfuck” vote. Meh, it will (So long!) give him 13% of Missouri. Hey Missourian’s, please for shits sake, you can not elect a man who said women during a rape have “a way of just shutting […]

Green Bay packers got screwed last night. Actually, it was “replacement humped” The scab replacement refs handed a TD catch to Seattle that wasn’t….even close (It was intercepted) That gave the Seahawks the lead, & won the game 14-12 on the final play. Jeesh Already knew these refs could ruin a game; but being a […]

AARP Chuck, Ann May, & Emmy Will

September 24th, 2012

As a comic, know your audience. In Texas, I was doing strong social & political stuff. The audience looked lost. Shifted to the dick, pussy, & belt buckle jokes; BAM! They ate it up like a fat (Word, it’s yummy!) kid in a Micky D’s drive thru. Seems, Paul Ryan doesn’t really know this fact […]

He’s in the news today. No, he didn’t sexually harass your mom (Love that flavor) At least I don’t think he did?? He shouldn’t be since he is just a Sarah Palin Jr. sellout wank. Cain was only supposed to have 15 minutes, but currently he’s on hour number 73. He is like a big […]

Fox lives in a different universe, on a different planet I like to call “Super Disco Bullshit Crazy Insanity Land”. When the tape of Mitt was released (Wow, just wow) they all could care less. They blamed “the liberal media”(which now has a reality bias) then implied he “misspoke”, and landed with “Well he’s right” […]

Strike Ova, & More BullMitt

September 19th, 2012

The teachers are back baby! Which for students it now turns in to “Oh shit balls, my extended summer break is over”. They did (“Shit, students are back”) it right. They voiced their concerns, demands were heard, they responded timely. It didn’t drag out longer than it should, and most important is the kids are […]

47% Of The USA Can Eat Shit

September 18th, 2012

These debates are going to be fun. Sort of like watching a fat guy get hit in the stomach with a cannonball in slow motion *grabs a filled popcorn container looking excited popping a few in mouth* (Munch munch) Then Mitt ended the entire campaign season faster than a drunk pilot in a nosedive. Earlier […]

Mitt’s Defcon 2, Teacher Trouble

September 17th, 2012

It seems the campaign that rejects polls, facts, foreign policy, and reality (“Not flying, driving in the air”) Now wants to sober up, just a “little”. Romney’s main campaign virtuoso is a guy named Stuart “Little” Stevens. He’s in charge of everything, type A control guy it seems. He has been doing the hard jobs […]

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