AARP Chuck, Ann May, & Emmy Will

September 24th, 2012

As a comic, know your audience. In Texas, I was doing strong

social & political stuff. The audience looked lost. Shifted to the

dick, pussy, & belt buckle jokes; BAM! They ate it up like a fat

(Word, it’s yummy!)

kid in a Micky D’s drive thru. Seems, Paul Ryan doesn’t really

know this fact yet. He was at an AARP event, when he decided

to say he would repeal “Obamacare”. Oh they booed him badly

It could not happen to a bigger turd. See, when you tell people

who worked very hard in their lives, that they can now go suck

off; they sort of get mad at you. Know you’re audience. If they

(Don’t like you)

were a bunch of $ young Republican’s aged 20-25, they’d cheer

They weren’t. I honestly can not even believe this presidential

race is even close. Either we have a lot of really REALLY stupid

people who aren’t paying attention, or racists are more around

today than I previously thought. Either way, Ann Romney has

a message to other Republican’s who are critical of her hubby

“Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring”. Ahh

(“Shut up!”)

yes, republican Peggy Noonan, called your husbands campaign

“incompetent”, but she was being polite. What she meant was

it is a “rolling calamity”. If you don’t have a brass ware for the

field of politics, go back to training your show horse. That is a

thing you can control as you see fit. You can’t just “sneer” your

way out of saying horrible stupid shit lady. Life does not work

(Ann’s “reality”)

that way. Maybe in your bullshit world, but not on this planet

The Emmy’s were loud, proud, & naturally the Daily Show won

It’s like seeing previews before a movie. We all know it’s coming

Modern Family is honestly one of the best shows on TV IMHO

In my “not so humble opinion” it’s the best show on the planet

I wish Louie CK would’ve flew away with a jetpack. Is that really

(Jetpack bitches!)

too much to ask? *someone nods their head “yes”* Ohhh, sorry

Oh remember, half of you can all go fuck yourself. Thanks Mitt

Mitt has the wallet of Thurston Howell, but he acts like Gilligan

Have a day!

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