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The Brand New iCrotch…

May 29th, 2015

Sure they had the iPod, the iPad, & the iWatch Now it is time for the newest, Greatest, Gadget (Nooooice!) The iCrotch is now out, & it’s time for you guys to “put it in”. The OS is called “The Stimulator 3000”. Just don’t be holdin’ a glass of water or taking a bath. It […]

Rogue Racist Cops…

May 28th, 2015

Give good Chicago cops, a bad name. And now Bigot Boy wants his job back. He claims it was: (WTF!?!?!?) “A mistake as a young, impressionable police officer who was trying to fit in.” Ah yes. Remember when dehumanizing others solely due to institutional racism was “fittin’ in” The other guy in the picture is serving […]

There is some show on TLC called “19 Kids and Counting”. One of em is this “Guy” named Josh (Mr. Molester!) Duggar. And it seems he molested five underage girls when he was a teenager……….including his sisters. Yes, you read that ‘right’. This happened back in 2002 when he was 14. Now through the Freedom […]

Peeps of Illinois. We deserve what we got, & all didn’t vote in enough numbers so, we are (“Cut it all!”) stuck with Bruce “Gut Cuts” Rauner. Every 1 that voted for him. This really is Your Doing His latest political gimmick’s an old one but a goody. It’s the Old: “Heads I win, tails […]

Do You Remember?!?!

May 22nd, 2015

Neon colors, Fido Dido, Parachute pants, & a slew of 80’s movies? Everythin’ from the epic (The “Budster”!) John Hughes flicks (16 Candles, Mr. Mom, & The Breakfast Club) to Just One Of The Guys The last one was ‘Kickass’. If you have never seen it, do! You can thank me later. Or if you […]

Diamond Dave Letterman is done. His last “Late Show” ever. He will always be fondly (“Farewell folks!”) remembered. Know Eddie Brill, and many others who worked there, or did set on the show. My friend Mark “the Knife” Fay was on the show. My Pal Steve Mazon was also on the show. The stage’s now […]

In Waco Texas, bikers gathered in Twin Peaks And the worst shootout and deaths local police (Dipshit Patrol!) have ever seen: 9 people died, 192 people were arrested, 18 injured, & 100 weapons recovered One of the police had this gem to openly state: “In my nearly 35 years of law enforcement experience, this is […]

Another day, another death of a black man by the hands of over seven “Cops” all while (This is insanity!) in custody. ‘They’ came running in dressed in riot gear Beating him. James Brown, NO not that one, was an Army Vet Sargent who did “2 tours” in Iraq and had PTSD. He was reporting […]

Will that make anyone on the right ever accept it happened? Nope. Never expect (“Come on man”) it…ever. You get: FOX-Right Wing Hate Machiners all saying the same dumb ass bullshit. “ODumber isn’t doing anything about ISIS (George W. Bush’s Creation) Well, that isn’t factually true. BUT what else is new. In fact, on Saturday, […]

Fun Foto!

May 15th, 2015

In a bold move for silverware everywhere, the forks & knives (Swallowed 100 magnets?) Decided a ‘Sneak Attack’ on Ivan’s food in his stomach, but from the outside. No matter, that kid knows exactly how to keep food in his tummy and that much is pretty damn clear NOTE: RIP BB King. He passed away […]

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