In Waco Texas, bikers gathered in Twin Peaks

And the worst shootout and deaths local police

waco-texas-biker-gang-shooting-2-e1432089215653(Dipshit Patrol!)

have ever seen: 9 people died, 192 people were

arrested, 18 injured, & 100 weapons recovered

One of the police had this gem to openly state:

“In my nearly 35 years of law enforcement experience, this is
the most violent, and gruesome scene that I have dealt with.”

Three rival biker gangs got together, & shot up

the entire town. Now, did you hear; “These are

violent thugs“? Nope. How about “These racial

evil rioting thugs”? Nope. What about “This is

the problem with ‘White Gang Culture’, where

are their parents?!?!”. NOPE. How about FOX

Waco violent crim scene(How ignorant)

covering this the same way with the exact tone

of Baltimore & peaceful protesters in Ferguson

If hateful racist fuckers want to play this game

So happy to oblige. Shouldn’t White On White

crime be a huge concern? Seems 83% of White

victims in 2011 were murdered by other whites

according to FBI statistics. Where is the HUGE

outrage?!? When it comes to gang violence, we

White People lead that group as well, at 53.3%

But where is the outrage? *Crickets* So forget

we also lead all groups for Aggravated Assault,

Larceny-Theft, Arson, Weapons-Carrying, and

Waco bikers bikes(So long to those)

Vandalism. Maybe it’s the TV shows we watch

or the sports we play. You know “our” culture

and how “We Whitey’s” all are?!? Here IS the

main hateful hypocrisy. When ‘Black People’

do X, they’re “thugs”, & media/every bigoted

asshole generalizes: “That’s just how they all

are, you know”. Yet when us white folks do X

and WAY worse, we are just a few bad apples

Pure Hateful Evil

London Kiki Chanel, a 21-year-old transgender

woman, was found “stabbed to death” in North

Victim so sad(So sad, RIP)

Philadelphia early Monday. Raheam Felton, 31,

“Confessed to the Murder” and he’s in custody

This is the “8th” transgender person killed this

year. This is unacceptable in our society. It will

not continue. If you are “Trans”, be Very Wary

with social media, meet up, and ‘always’ check

your ‘Sixes’ when out Anytime. Sorry, but your

‘safety’ is more important than ‘comfort’. Soon

Super hateful killer(Face of hate)

you won’t have to worry, and Change is Really

happening. Sadly, not Fast Enough with Solid

legal protections under the law. This must and

will change. Today, do something about it and

stand up for your fellow citizens who need you

NOTE: But Republican Conservatives Aren’t
Racist. They ALL Just Hate Obama Because

Have a day!

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