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While things are going very bad For Republicans/the Old Guy, & (<-Mo Terrorism!) his lawyer John Eastman shit’s Even Worse, in Florida. 60,000 people have DIED From COVID And they didn’t need to. Ronny Deathsantis doesn’t fuckin care When you elect leaders who do not care you get this evil and it is wrong. And […]

Biden & Democrats in Congress Want Their: “Build Back, Better” (Now!) Plan To Pass. What’s in it? Well: -$1.7 Trillion For Our Infrastructure -$100 Billion For Immigration Fixes -‘Enhanced Child Tax Credit’ +$600 -Childcare for working poor families -Universal Pre-K/Preschool kids 3-4 -Climate investment for clean energy -An extra $600 for ACA most needed -Affordable […]

Turns Out, being the Party of Domestic terrorism, hate and (Bad for $) no Policies Is Bad for Raising money. Who knew?! Alla the Maga Turds Aren’t Collecting any $ in their political efforts They’re Getting Outraised by a count of 2 to 1 and growin’ The Liz Cheney “Wing” & the Other 9 R’s […]

They “Admit It” & Voting…

October 26th, 2021

The group of the Republican “insurrectionist terrorists” is (Yup!) growing. See, All Republican idiots used their government email. Jeeez, you Can’t Make this shit up. They’re not very smart. In fact, MTG just said it, Directly To ‘Camera’. WTF “Jan 6th was just A Riot at The Capitol. And if you think about what our […]

Sitting ‘Congressional Republicans’ are directly linked to the events of (Ya fucked!) Jan 6th. From: Planning, Meeting, funding, Offering Pardons & More Saying it right now: they, are, ALL FUCKED. There is No “Going Back” from this. In fact, in this big bomb shell insider report; these traitors: -R-Paul Gosar AZ -R-Lauren Boebert CO -R-Mo […]

R’s Hate The Blue & Split…

October 22nd, 2021

It seems a lot of Republicans don’t Back the Blue at All. In (Yup) fact, They attack/Hate them Greg Kelly Maga Republican ‘Attacked’ Capitol Cop Harry Dunn. You know, One Of the group who testified about all the horrific criminal terrorist acts Of that Day. He mocked him, said Horrible shit about him & claimed […]

The hits keep on coming for the Orange Anus & his prick (Bye bye!) ‘dwindling Group’ of Hateful fascist racist sociopaths. So his big “I’m gonna make my Own Twitter”, Is Gonna Fail badly, like Everything it Has ever “Tried”: Steaks, Booze, Planes, Blogs, A University?! Creamsicle Caligula’s Really In Deep Legal Shit That will […]

Republican’s Blocked Voting rights AGAIN. Because, They All have no (Voting ends em) interest In Voting Rights, They All Only Want to “Restrict Voting” for ‘Only’ Minorities/ independent OR D’s. It’s About as fascist racist As you can get and thats all they got left To “Sell”. They Are Not Gonna Ever “Change”, Offer New […]

Criminal Contempt & FBI Raid…

October 19th, 2021

Steve Bannon will be charged Tonight W/criminal Contempt (<-Project Much?) The House will vote tonight & will Find him Guilty of such a criminal “Stunt”. And…..Make nomistake thats exactly what it is. They’re in Deep Trouble Defy a subpoena, face all the criminal charges. Play games & ‘win sliver bracelets’ pricks (<-Free Lodging) Oh & […]

Powell Passes & Deposed…

October 18th, 2021

General Colin Powell has “Passed” away at The age of 84. Now, he’s (“Uh, my bad!”) a divisive figure 2 Me about The Whole Iraq WMD’s Thing. But It takes Character To ‘Admit’ A big mistake, & it Was. Aside From it Powell Was a True leader & man of High Moral character. And so […]

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