Powell Passes & Deposed…

October 18th, 2021

General Colin Powell has “Passed”

away at The age of 84. Now, he’s

(“Uh, my bad!”)

a divisive figure 2 Me about The

Whole Iraq WMD’s Thing. But It

takes Character To ‘Admit’ A big

mistake, & it Was. Aside From it

Powell Was a True leader & man

of High Moral character. And so

What Did a Moron At FOX Noise

do?!?! Tried to Make Something

That’s Not Political, it is Medical,

Political. Ugh. No. While He Did

die Of COVID, he had a severely


“compromised” immune system

He Had a Form of Blood Cancer

Called Myeloma. Jeeeeeeeeeeez

And while Orange Anus is being

deposed; “it” Tried To Block the

decision to Release all the Jan 6

documents 2 the committee ha!

Well, legally speaking it’s not its

call. Rejected and Clearly states

‘Its’ guilty as all Fuck, that’s the

end of Him, ‘Mark My Words’ All

(Bye Bye!)

of you. He slipped thru so many

times. Welp……Times Up Chump

NOTE: Michael J. Fox Raises 1 Billion To
Fight Parkinson’s Cure. Bravo Good sir &
He/those who Fight are real Hero’s to All

Have A “Safe” Day!

11 Responses to “Powell Passes & Deposed…”

  1. John Bolger

    Bye bye Orange Guy. Ya done son!

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