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Remember Robert Mueller?!? Well, the Entire world does. Now do you remember the Fake partisan clown show headed by John Durham?!?! Oh you Don’t? Well it’s cause he is a morally Bankrupt Clod, Who Got exactly what he Deserved; nothin’ Democratic Hillary Lawyer’s found Not Guilty of lying to The FBI And formally “ends” the […]

Republican’s don’t care if your Child, Is “Murdered” In School (Yup) They, Just, fucking don’t. They don’t Care if a Child is “fed” or Clothed, taught, loved or Even helped in society. This Nations voters, Citizens & Families are Fed UP With Republican’s Who do nothing about gun violence Abbott Got boooed. He should be […]

There’s no going back from this moment. Ohhhhhhhhhhh no Sir (Cowards!) The Uvalde Police Held back the swat team for an hour. An hour Children Were Slaughtered, and they Stood By. These Police Will suffer a Trial & likely jail for this GOOD! ‘Society’ is Badly broken And the entire Country is saying NO MORE!!! […]

There Is No ‘Republican Party’ any longer. They simply don’t (Same Hate) Exist. What’s left standin’ is a racist hateful fascist group Of authoritarian Know Nothings Hell, they All Make the Know Nothings from the 1850’s feel better since at Least they did Support Women’s Rights. It’s Like A Mix Of ‘Know Nothings’ with The […]

Forget what’s left of the Republican “Party”. All: Just Lying Hypocrites & (Always!) “abject” Fascist Racist White Power Nazi’s. What’s Even Worse, is them “Pretending”, To ‘Be’ ‘Pro-Life’. Bull, SHIT! Protect the fetus but let your kid get murdered With Weapons of War. This “shooting” is The breakin point. It should’ve never even been allowed […]

Today is the Mid-Term Primaries in 5 States. Remember to VOTE (No Shit!) Your Vote matters as to The main direction of this nation. And we’ll have a LOT of Maga Chodes goin’ down In Flames. And Those Who squeak by: get a General election that “Splits” the GQP/R vote In 2 Ohhhhhh Math, You’re […]

We “had” a baby formula shortage I say “Had”, because we’re now all (Oh Baby!) doing Something ‘Proactive’ about it. And it’s working. Operation Fly Formula has Just Brought 39 tons of much Needed baby formula for a young one’s; leadership matters And, lack of it causes all voters to run for the exits. In […]

It Seems The Republican Party doesn’t “stand” for anything at (Monsters) all. In fact, they’re not Pro-life, they seek chaos/hate and have no solutions to societies issues They all voted “no” to get baby formula In The hands of Moms with Baby’s Because “We want Biden, To Fail/ Chaos”. Jeeeeez “Talking” About Non-governing turds. Their […]

Polls will be closing in 5 states And we Will See Maga’s fall, & (<-R’s) some limping On into a rough General Election That Will End them. It’s Like winning to lose Which is the entire hateful ass Maga Rolled up In One phrase Their ‘Numbers’, are Shrinking, their Hate Isn’t Electable, and (Yup!) they’ve […]

We are in Troubling Times no doubt these days. In fact, we (<-Racist Hate) Got a “Mass Shooter” who is perfectly ‘Repeats’ What Fox & What’s Left Of The GQP In all it’s racist hate do…and so he murdered 10 people. This shit, Will Not stand. ENOUGH Legally Speaking, FOX & ALL The Republican’s Who […]

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