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The Shit Show & Busted…

November 29th, 2023

R-Cromer, who has Offered Zero proof of ANY kind is so mad that (Yup!) Hunter Biden Won’t Let Him get away with His Bullshit Scam bit like others have. Hunter wanted the Hearing Public, Crimer Does NOT. Well, No Shit! Their Dumb ass shit show must be behind all (Bingo!) Closed Doors to leas Lies. […]

No Plea Deal For YOU!

November 28th, 2023

In Georgia, the DA’s office won’t be giving any plea deals to Rudy, (“We F’ed!”) Meadows. OR Orange Anus. Ha! They’re all so legally hosed, it’s Perfect. And does that stop any ‘Racist R billionaires’, From Ever donatin’ to Criminal Donny?! Ah (Bye!) NOPE. Even, IF He is Convicted Criminal Racist Fascists, so love all […]

GQP’s Outta $, Voters & Time…

November 27th, 2023

Hope your Turkey Day kicked So much Ass all the Weight you just (Gobble Gobble!) Gained Was shoved Off he scales We All “know” There is Only ONE ‘Functioning’ Political Party found in America today. It’s Democrats There is no Republican Party any More. Just, Displaced People And (Bye!) the Cult of Traitor Trump. Oooof […]

Voting Rights & Flat Footed…

November 21st, 2023

So, section 2 of the Voting Rights Act Was Just struck Down by The (They hate voting) “Appeals” Court. That Means it’s only Up too The DOJ to defend a Case Of Discrimination. This Will likely go 2 the Supreme Court & we ALL know how they will Rule Now they Could Overturn it And […]

While Republican’s/GQP’ers are In total Disarray And Implosion (<-Bye Douche!) mode; another criminal in their Ranks George Santos Is in dire Legal Hell. A wild House Ethics Report Laid bare All his Crimes And boy oh BOY are they all as Dumb as You’d Think They Are (Crime Time!) Stole $ from his own Campaign […]

The Orange Anus’s Coup Plan was even Worse than we thought from (No shit!) the direct notes/reporting of John Karl. All of the traitor Criminals in power said, “The boss’ll Just stay in office & never leave”. Ahem he LEFT. And, These Facts Were Just collected & Recorded by Karl with (<-Criminal Bitches!) ease. Because these […]

Fulton DA Order & The Collapse…

November 14th, 2023

It seems there is no Republican Party In America Anymore. Only, A “Bunch” (Broken Forever) of Traitors, Grifters Or Criminal shits left. In GA the Criminals Are Criming again. This time it’s leakin’ discovery tapes Thinking They’ll Help the other Defendants. It Won’t, AND it’s Illegal This Will Put People, in Jail. Leave No doubt. […]

Even in the tank for Maga judge Elleen Cannon, Agreed The Trial (We Know) Will Not Be Postponed. She will Revisit this at a later date when we will “see” if she Upholds The Law Or, Partisan ‘Politics’, Which Will Legally Hurt Her. Her Call!! And, What Are ‘House’ R’s Doin’ (Who they are!) Instead […]

How “low” has the Republican party Sunk? Does the Earths Core Have a (Jerk-offs!) depth? They didn’t have a “Debate” last night, so much as a ‘reckoning’ They ‘Hold’ NO “Policies” The VAST Majority of “Voters” Want And They don’t seem 2 Care. In fact, they’re Resided to Losing Every Election in the next 20-30 […]

In yet another midterm year, it’s ANOTHER “Massive Loss” For All (<-Republican’s!) The Fascist, Racist, Maga, World All the Voters SOUNDLY rejected their lies, Candidates and unjust views On Woman’s Rights. They, the Dead Republican Party, Just Don’t Get It. Voters, do not want Your Hateful, ‘Poisonous Policies’ They, Don’t, Want YOU & Yet, Ya (We […]

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