Biden & Democrats in Congress

Want Their: “Build Back, Better”


Plan To Pass. What’s in it? Well:

-$1.7 Trillion For Our Infrastructure
-$100 Billion For Immigration Fixes
-‘Enhanced Child Tax Credit’ +$600
-Childcare for working poor families
-Universal Pre-K/Preschool kids 3-4
-Climate investment for clean energy
-An extra $600 for ACA most needed
-Affordable Housing/1st time buyers
-Big taxes for corporations making $

What’s not in the bill? Well this

stinks But: Family, And Medical

leave, Medicade dental & vision

were taken out, along with free

“Community College”. And, not

One Fucking Republican ‘Voted’


for ANY of it. Voters, they don’t

fucking care about you. So stop

voting for them. Speaking of an

asshole Not “Getting It”, we get

Mitten’s Romney ‘playing’ Dress

Up Games, Instead Of Enacting

actual Policies. And not For Any


thing; but he’s No Ted Lasso At

All. He is, “Rupert”, the “Villain”

NOTE: Trial, for Racist Violent Hateful White
Supremacists under way and the judge’s not
having any bullshit. Gooooooood. About time

Have A “Safe” Day!

7 Responses to “$1.85 Trillion & Super Cringe…”

  1. John Bolger

    Republicans offer voters NOTHING

    Aside from tax cuts for the 1%, lies & racism. Vote blue!

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  7. John Bolger

    Turd Asshole!

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