Diamond Dave Letterman is done. His last

“Late Show” ever. He will always be fondly

Dave waving goodbye(“Farewell folks!”)

remembered. Know Eddie Brill, and many

others who worked there, or did set on the

show. My friend Mark “the Knife” Fay was

on the show. My Pal Steve Mazon was also

on the show. The stage’s now dark. All the

laughs gone. And on the big Carnival rolls

We still have Kimmel, Fallon, Meyers, etc.

Not the same. This is the Comedy turning

point. The “Last” of the Old guard. And, it

is bitter sweet. Bravo Davey, thanks for all

Tina Fey(Old SC teacher)

the laughs. Who am I kidding, he couldn’t

make a guy jacked on nitrous oxide titter

I kid, I joke. It’s no Conan, but well done

Dave. Now the “Comedian/Entertainers”

retirin’ question. Makin fun of your pets?

Digging The Endless Hole

When a person of ill will, & lowly character

is building their own coffin. You don’t stop

Zero Dark Thirsty(Boom!)

them. You simply walk by, tip your cap and

complement em on the “fine craftsmanship”

Seems Republican Presidential Carcass Kid

Marco Rubio can’t “answer” basic questions

about invading Iraq. He contradicts himself

at every turn. It took FOX’s “Chris Wallace”

to point this out. When FOX’s calling out ur

“bullshit” you best pump the brakes Skeeter

But like any liar seeking power, yet not ever

Rubio State School(“I lie!”)

knowing the intricacies of what to do with it

He lied, Flopped, then repeated the Lie, and

Flopped again. He thinks W Bush was right

in invading Iraq at the time. Then he thinks

he wouldn’t have invading Iraq knowing the

stuff we know today(No WMD’s & Saddam’s

Baathists being ISIS now, etc). But W. Bush

said he still would. And then Marco doesn’t

realized. TODAY is where we are. Not then!

“Would you invade Iraq today?!” is implied

that “Knowing what we know now”. ‘Today’

Rubio idiot boy(Derp!)

is the key. And idiot boy said this utter nut:

“It was not a mistake!”

BUZZ! Wrong, the ‘entire World’ disagrees

with you, & now you are “Jeb Bush 2.Blow”

Mental Gymnastics, from a Mental Midget

NOTE: Blackhawks Playing Tonight. It’s a
BIG Game #3 After The 3 OT Insane Win!

Have a day!

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