Rogue Racist Cops…

May 28th, 2015

Give good Chicago cops, a bad name. And now

Bigot Boy wants his job back. He claims it was:

cop antlers(WTF!?!?!?)

“A mistake as a young, impressionable
police officer who was trying to fit in.”

Ah yes. Remember when dehumanizing others

solely due to institutional racism was “fittin’ in”

The other guy in the picture is serving 12 years

in prison for leading a group of ‘Rogue Cops’ in

Robberies, Home Invasions, and Other Crimes

Classy group of sociopath racists. But the good

news? Mayor Rahm said, “Good riddance!!!!!!”

Rahm the boss(The Boss II)

to the bigot cop.  He wasn’t done with him yet:

“Let me be clear: That photo does not represent
the values of the city of Chicago that we all share
in common. It doesn’t represent the Police Dept”

Well said. With that we all agree now let’s clean

up the rest. It starts with one, and shine a light!

Speaking Of Shitty Racist Cops…

A 34 year old black man was having a stroke in

his car, right in the middle of traffic. And that’s

Evil racist cops hurting guy(You fucking assholes!)

when two white, Batshitcrazy cops tasered him,

then pepper sprayed him while another has his

gun drawn saying “get out of the car or I’ll f-ing

smoke you”. Ah yes, not “sir do you require any

medical assistance”, or “Oh No, it appears he is

struggling breathing call an ambulance”. NOPE

This churned my stomach so much, it’s so hard

to watch. But with that Warning, HERE you go

racist-cops(St. Louis racist cop)

Body cams are the way to go. They weed out the

shitty, corrupt, racist, violent sociopaths quickly

These two cops should not only be relieved from

duty, they should face criminal charges. So gross

Have a day!

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