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Seems, we have an educated public that has this magical thing called “Perfect  Memory” & “Facts” (Ivy Ziedrich) A college student knows more about our Foreign Policy than Jeby. Her name is Ivy Ziedrich, 19, a student at the University of Nevada & she totally schooled dumb from Dumb & Dumber. She just explained that […]

Sorry, No Post Today…

May 13th, 2015

Well you don’t have to cry about it and give me the “Stink Eye”. Cranking on a time line project (Jill Greenberg’s pic) and it’s very very very fun. It’s this VO dubbing gig thing doing VO over pre-made clips, & then making the writing fit in the spaces. Super Fun! Have a day!

Mike Huckster-a-bee’s running for president And that means, he wants $. He has no REAL (“But lying’s fun!”) chance in hell but he like book deals & money He was asked about his bullshit Diabetes cure of Cinnamon and did his usual Huckster duck “You know, I don’t have to defend everything that I’ve ever […]

So sorry, I was gone for Thursday and Friday Family Work, needed to be done, & that does (Oh for fucks sake) come first. What if I told you there was a big graduation event in Georgia. And at this BIG event, the principal accidentally “forgot” that the Valedictorians speech was left & she then […]

Some TexASS Terror

May 6th, 2015

Two violent religious Muslim extremists opened fire at an event called the AFDI “Muhammad Art (Horrible shit) Exhibit & Contest”. It was held in Garland Texas The person who put on this event was a “Pamela Geller”. You know know her very well if you read me a lot here. The event was to incite […]

Sorry None Today…

May 5th, 2015

Out taking care of my mom and day today Yet the news rolls on. Go rock your day, & do something positive and make a change NOTE: Tomorrow Muslim Nutty Extremists Decide To Hatefully Take Other Racists Bait Have a day!

Ahhhh yes, there is “driving while black” and runnin’ while black and “existing while black” (Disgusting evil) Now there is; “He killed himself, while black” The Cops “Leaked” a story while offering NO other facts about the murder of Freddie Gray They ALL claim, Gray was now “intentionally trying to injure himself”. BULLSHIT!!!! They “released” […]

Draft Punk Da Funk…

May 1st, 2015

Boy shits crazy in Chicago for Draft Weekend (Sunny took this) Everything from NFL costumes, to boooooing Goodell every time he sets foot on the podium Good times, gooooooooooooooooooood times We saw Kevin White get drafted & even had a draft beer, drafted 1st set right on a draft table It’s like a Comi-Con, for […]

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