Another day, another death of a black man

by the hands of over seven “Cops” all while

Murderering cop pricks(This is insanity!)

in custody. ‘They’ came running in dressed

in riot gear Beating him. James Brown, NO

not that one, was an Army Vet Sargent who

did “2 tours” in Iraq and had PTSD. He was

reporting for a two day Jail Term for a DUI

Then this happened. He said he could NOT

breath at least 20 times. It didn’t matter to

these fucking evil murderers. And where?!?

Good ol’ El Paso texas! And did the cops get

charged with anything?!? NOPE. And in the

James Brown with wife(Lost a father, & husband)

autopsy report they said cause of Death was

“sickle cell crisis”. Gee, what about the team

of crazed riot gear asshole killing him then?

This is unacceptable in any society. We will

not take this any more. No justice, no peace

Cute Racist Christian Dry Cleaner

Funny how they use a book to enact “Their”

brand of hate. ISIS does it & they’re evil but

Hateful lady used SODOMITE(What hate wrote)

they do it to discriminate & it’s now so Holy

Byron Batista, 48, told The Huffington Post

he Went to “North Hollywood’s” Rosali Dry

Cleaners last January to have some pillows

cleaned. When he returned to pick them up,

Batista noticed, one of them had been badly

torn. The owner, who called herself ‘Rosali’,

refused to give the man Any Refund for the

tear. As they argued, she upped Her HATE:

“Fuck you, fuck you, fag!!” (That’s when she

took her middle finger and mimicked puttin

it up her butt). Well, how “Christian” of her

He sued her, she lost, she had to pay. Then,

Hateful lady again uses this(And more hate)

came her direct Criminal Contempt of court

She wrote “Sodomite” on the check she gave

Byron went back to court, and the judge was

pissed. She cut him Another Check, but this

time is said Byron the buggerer Batista. God

what a tiny fucked up evil lady. She’ll end up

losing her business & get jail time. GOOOOD

NOTE: Democrat Loretta Sanchez Said This
Really Dumb Fuckin’ Bigoted Shit. So Dumb
NOTE II: San Francisco Cops Have Racist &
Homophobic Texts Are Now, All Under Fire

Have a day!

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