Will that make anyone on the right ever

accept it happened? Nope. Never expect

Obama dealing with hate(“Come on man”)

it…ever. You get: FOX-Right Wing Hate

Machiners all saying the same dumb ass

bullshit. “ODumber isn’t doing anything

about ISIS (George W. Bush’s Creation)

Well, that isn’t factually true. BUT what

else is new. In fact, on Saturday, Special

Forces conducted an “Overnight ground

raid” that Killed the top ISIS leader, Abu

Sayyaf in Syria. But who cares when you

don’t live in fucking reality. You even got

rightwingers spewing the ISIS lie in Iowa

over the weekend, right after it happened

Bobby Jindal still stupid(“Damn I’m dumb”)

2 have shame would mean they’re human

Let me translated anything you get from a

rightwinger now: “Whatever Obama does/

did/says is wrong. BUT I’m, always right!”

It’s a kid on the playground, just trying to

mock other kids and their pants are down

This only happens because of the great big

brave men & women in uniform for the SO

They did this, but at least leadership did to

NOTE: Holy Shit, The Chicago White Sox
Are Now At .500. “Miracles” DO Happen

Have a day!

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