Peeps of Illinois. We deserve what we got, &

all didn’t vote in enough numbers so, we are

Rauner looking dumb(“Cut it all!”)

stuck with Bruce “Gut Cuts” Rauner. Every 1

that voted for him. This really is Your Doing

His latest political gimmick’s an old one but

a goody. It’s the Old: “Heads I win, tails you

lose” Trick. Rauner is Demanding “Reform”

before any revenue through taxes talk. So in

short; it’s really: “Gut everything today then

we’ll see where we’re at, & you will never get

any tax revenue of any kind”. Once he “gets”

all the cuts he wants (Vital programs for the

poor, elderly, students & working poor folks

who all rely on these programs to stay afloat)

Rauner Burnsy(“Excellent!”)

he will simply demand more. When ever you

negotiate with a morally bankrupt economic

sociopath; you’ll get burnt: 100% of the time

This is not a Democrat thing or a Republican

thing. It is An Economic Policy Thing. Every

time conservatives talk spending, it is “Guts”

and “cuts”. No rational citizen minds anyone

who’s trimming Bloated Programs that don’t

work. Only problem is, they do work, & they

are Working for Millions of ‘Illinois Families’

Speech by Raunder sign language(Sign, “Bend over!”)

Perhaps we should end the Farmer Welfare

subsidies. Nope, Bruce won’t touch that and

why?! Well that’s good welfare for “his” kind

of people. White, rural farmers, down South

All the State Fairs budgets, untouched. And,

in addition, Line Items that fund promotion

of Illinois “Ag Products”, And For Technical

assistance in the wine, and grape sector are

unchanged(Not cut). Education, cut. He has

$1.5 billion in “Cuts”. Guess what? It doesn’t

effect his constituents It effects all of Chicago

Quinn was a turd, but, he wasn’t a Sociopath

NOTE: Mikey Huckster-A-Bee Thinks God
Has More Power Then The Supreme Court
NOTE 2: Ireland Legalizes “Gay Marriage”
By A Margin Of 62.1%. Boom, Well DONE!

Have a day!

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