There is some show on TLC called “19 Kids and

Counting”. One of em is this “Guy” named Josh

Josh-Duggar (Mr. Molester!)

Duggar. And it seems he molested five underage

girls when he was a teenager……….including his

sisters. Yes, you read that ‘right’. This happened

back in 2002 when he was 14. Now through the

Freedom Of Information Act a judge “released”

the report. In March of 2002 his father Jim bob

(Yes, you read that right) discovered This. BUT,

did not alert the police. This happened again in

July of 2002, & Jim Bob didn’t go to cops again

So Jim Bob got with his Church’s Elders & sent

Josh With the Palin's  Josh with Rick Santorum(Ooooooooops)

Josh away to this “religious treatment program”

What the ever loving fuck? It’s red neck rehab?!

Surely the entire Republican party would loath

his evil, vile, Un-Christian acts of hate? NOPE!

Now the Right Wing hate machine is Kicking in

to overdrive 2 defend this known child molester

Mike Huckabee still supports Josh. Ha ha ha ha

“Good people make mistakes, and do
regrettable and even disgusting things”

No Mike, they DON’T Asshole. It’s what makes

them “good people”. He’s a fucking kid diddler

Mike Huckabee with Josh(Such a douche!)

Then, Arkansas State Senator, Bart Hester (R)

decided to try to blame the judge who released

the report instead of condemn Joshy. But why?

He’s pissed the Duggars who are right Wingers

poster family that just went down in big flames

My my my these people are truly Soulless Filth

The family tried to hide it, their church tried to

Hide It, and now the truth is out there. Shine a

light on them all. More’ll surly be coming daily

Bart Hester(Bart Assclown)

Guess Christians and Catholics do have stuff in

common. They both love protecting kid fuckers

NOTE: Cleveland Cop, Who Jumped On Car
Hood Firing 49 Times Killin The 2 Unarmed
Occupants Was ‘Acquitted Of Manslaughter’
NOTE II: Super Awesome Waitress Lays The
Smack Down, On The Pervy Groping Asshole

Have a day!

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