Fox lives in a different universe, on a different planet I like to call “Super

Disco Bullshit Crazy Insanity Land”. When the tape of Mitt was released

(Wow, just wow)

they all could care less. They blamed “the liberal media”(which now has a

reality bias) then implied he “misspoke”, and landed with “Well he’s right”

Oh, he’s “right” about telling half of America to please go fuck itself daily?

Remind me never take any parenting advice from you guys on anything

See, then they decided to try to change the losing subject in the Foxhole,

so they air a 98 tape of Obama as if they’re equivalent. They’re not. One

(Ah yes)

demonstrates a cold disconnected callous view of half of America that is

not only factually incorrect, but decides to demonize & vilify good people

as a bunch of “lazy parasites taking hand outs giving nothing to society”

The other was offering a critical argument for the use of sound effective

government in our lives which we already use today. Oh, they’re exactly

the same; if by “the same” I mean “totally fucking different on every level”

(Talking anus)

Mitt Romney has had weeks of bad missteps. But now it’s time for him to

place the final dagger in his entire career. Yes, I said career. His argument

has now fundamentally become “taxes are Socialist”. Oh, our progressive

tax system is wrong? Hum, why is that? Oh you don’t like paying into this

country to make it a better place to live. Well, it is a losing argument since

we have the 16th amendment. Maybe Mitt should take his toys & go away

like in all the Ayn Rand novels. “Go Galt” dude. But if you stay, you must

(Meh, ur on your own)

abide by OUR tax code that you seem to despise. I remember when it was

“American” to pull your weight, to stand together during tough times, &

work towards a better tomorrow for all American’s. Now it’s become this

“Suck it fuckwad, I got MINE, so eat shit!”. Our forefathers, our fathers

and our country wasn’t built on that. If we had that attitude, we’d of lost

WWII for fuck sakes. This Republican party isn’t a party any longer, it’s

(Come here asshole)

a freaking nuthouse of unhinged people floating in their alternate world

Mitt’s final campaign message seems to be: “Fuck America, I’m greedy

Make no mistake, all these GOP’ers love redistribution when it’s for them

The polls will widen, people will watch this unhinged sad economic socio-

path in the debates states his views, and they will all judge him unfit for

any job, let alone the POTUS. His views are out there. They’re very clear

In my opinion, it’s going to cost Republican’s the Senate AND the house

He has now become a “tan” Steve Forbes. Remember how he did? Yeah

The Republican TeOP is walking into a political dessert, never to return

(You are here)

It’s not you we don’t like. It’s your ignorant policy, & hateful shitty ideas

His co-chair Tim “Wild Man” Pawlenty has left to lobby for banks, as if

somehow they magically need someone to rig the rules even more for em

Oh, & last one to leave the Romney campaign, please turn off the lights

Tomorrow: Fast And Flubulious

Have a day!

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