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The Conservative Rift On Mittens

September 14th, 2012

Mitts Libya fuck up, which as of me typing has still not apologized for, (Mad Mitt) has caused a serious big rift among the GOP. It’s not “grand”, it’s “old”, and it’s anything but a “party” these days. Prominent Republican’s like WSJ Noonan, Sununu, Scarborough, Ridge, Salter, a close McCain aid, & Huntsman said “a […]

Green Bay, Strike 4, & Libya LTS

September 13th, 2012

You’ve noticed it can get pretty childish here, so I’d like to raise the bar a little bit. The Green Bay “jagbags” will be playing the Big Bears (Or your penis) Tonight, it’s the biggest thang in Chicago going on. Oh, that & a new alt band “Nipple Tweek Fart Whistle” will be headlining at […]

Libya Horror, & Mitt Wit Shit

September 12th, 2012

In Libya, our US Embassy was attacked over an anti-Islam movie. We had a leader stationed there named Chris Stevens. He tragically died (RIP) from a rocket attack, by rare hateful tribal idiots locked into their hate Four other ambassadors died as well. Such a sad day. Respect & love out to those families for all the victims. Know […]

Biker Biden, The Lift, & It Burns

September 11th, 2012

Guess we can expect old Joe at the Sturgis rally soon air bushing titties (dudes faces say it all) Listen, we get it. You’re a “man of the people”. But some people do not like you because you’re “the man”. Sort of in the way drug dealers don’t like cops. Sure the cop may be […]


September 10th, 2012

The party’s over. Balloon drops are all done. Empty chairs….still empty (did you fart?) What was the take away from them all? Media uses puffy pontification Until “Honey Boo Boo Child” does something else really fucking stupid like lights her farts on fire causing 3rd degree burns all up her backside Then it’s on to […]

It’s Him Or Me Bitches…

September 7th, 2012

Joe Biden didn’t piss himself on stage, that’s a pretty good thing (Nose picking finger) It wouldn’t be a speech without some vintage classic flubby Joe “I’ve got news for Governor Romney, and congressman Ryan. Gentleman. Never ever. It never makes sense. It’s never been a good bet to bet against the American people” He […]

Fluking-A, & The Slickness

September 6th, 2012

Day two is down the drain for the ass kicking donkey’s. It was buttons, & big ass crazy outfits that make a gay pride parade look right at home now Sandra Fluke spoke. It’s was the Vaginalogues throwing out all the vagina (Um, hands off) meat women could handle. Yes, I just coined the phrase […]

The Kal Penn Obama phone call sketch was about as funny as their 3-D (“I’m this high”) X-mas movie. *moves hand to the side of mouth* never actually saw it Here are some new slogan’s for the DNC to replace the old Yes We Can: -Ready To Win -We Got Ideas -I’m Back Baby -We’re […]

DNC Day 1 *Law & Order Sound*

September 4th, 2012

It’s Michelle Obama tonight. It’s the 1st lady, with the 1st speech She will give the usual, platitudes, latitudes, with a little attitude (“I stuck em up”) Maybe a confetti gun shoots out Democratic underwear, or baby t-shirts. Ohhhhhhh baby *cue Barry White* you know I dig your showmanship. It’s big fun. But it’s not […]

Laborless Day, Drunk Delegates

September 3rd, 2012

Thank a union worker today. You all got it off because of them. Oh, and your 10 year old isn’t working today because of them. Oh, and (Wait, now what?) the “weekends” thing, or safe working conditions. Two delegates from Florida got hammered on Saturday, & while shitfaced, they thought “I’ll impersonate a congressman”. Meh, […]

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