Mitt’s Defcon 2, Teacher Trouble

September 17th, 2012

It seems the campaign that rejects polls, facts, foreign policy, and reality

(“Not flying, driving in the air”)

Now wants to sober up, just a “little”. Romney’s main campaign virtuoso

is a guy named Stuart “Little” Stevens. He’s in charge of everything, type

A control guy it seems. He has been doing the hard jobs of three people

Strategist, ads, & speechwriter. A Politico article has really showed some

cracks in a stressed campaign. They had a weekend freak out to redirect

(Guy on the left)

his campaign after last weeks Libya douche parade. Now it’s on to brand

new ads, and to refocus his campaign. Wait, sorry, how can you refocus

something that was never focused in the first place. You’d need one big

vague frame of reference to focus back to. That’s the “economy” stupid

Turns out Stuart was Republican Bob Dole’s main campaign aide in 96


The new ads will highlight Romney’s plan to create 12 million jobs, cut

the deficit and allow the nation to become energy independent. How??

Who cares, “Plan, we don’t need no stinking plans” *fires gun in the air*

They will use the word “plan” in ads, because it tests well, & not because

they actually fucking have one. Listen close for details. You’ll be given 0

They can’t publicly run on Bush’s policy, & bashing Obama isn’t working

(It’s all they got)

They constructed a box of lies, & factless avoidance hate they’re stuck in

It’s almost like a kid stuck in a big room, & when ever any of them touch

something aside from where they’re standing, it strongly shocks. Now it

looks like a campaign shouting, “Don’t MOVE, stand right there buddy”

It is trying to prevent a person who has run everything into the ground

from actually finishing it himself. Sorry, that lady is heavy, & her pipes

(Fat enough?)

are warming up. I can only imagine what fucked up shit they will have

come our way next: “Obama is the Muslim Brotherhood”, or “He killed

internet sensation dog Boo”, or even “Obama is Malcom X’s love child”

My comedy mind sees a political version of a race slur on a debate stage

At that point we can all say, “Yes, we know”, flush the toilet, & move on

Sadly, the best Obama campaigner always seems to be Ryan & Romney

Unless something insane happens, I don’t see that changing at all here

Hey Teachers, Get Back To Work!

You got your deal, it’s as good as it ever going to get. Stop stalling now

You can work out the details, & if a poison pill was placed inside, you’ll

(Yeah, we want…wait?)

find it, & can always strike again. But don’t punish the students for you

guys not finishing this shit up. The CPS, & the city meet you very fairly

The longer you drag your ass, the more I disagree with your position &

views. The teachers decided to spend the last 4 days, & now to until it’s

Wednesday, to review the fine print. Lewis says, “Trust”. I say bullshit

(Well are you?)

You guys can look it over line by line, & at the same time kids are now

back in school. You can do two things at once. If the kids are not back

in school by Wednesday, without a specific concern, this is all on you

The NFL Replacement Refs Suck Donkeyballs

I watched the Redskin’s vs. Rams game, & this was fucking terrible on

all fronts. Bad calls, no control over a few all out brawls, & no ejections

(“Do you see that?”)

Nothing. These refs are trying their level headed best, but they’re NOT

the regular refs, that that much is clear. VERY clear. I saw tons of pass

interference calls that simply were not, & few that should’ve been that

weren’t. They did make good calls, but the amount of bad, were like a

stuttering goat and really baaaaa-aaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaad

(Dude, what?)

If Roger reads this, oh, & I know for a science fact, he does(rolls eyes)

You better fix this stuff up. Not just for us viewers, but last I checked

corporations, & the Vegas mob don’t like their $ being fucked with on

bad calls. Oh, & they might want to have a “chat” with you…so do we

“Replacement refs” are like “replacement sex”. The real stuff is better

Tomorrow: Rick Santorum explains who won’t be GOP today & why

Have a day!

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