They’re Back Baby!

September 27th, 2012

The real NFL refs are back. Thank fucking Jesus H tap dancing Christ

FINALLY! And it was all about the $ right? No, it was about pensions

(Puck fensions)

Each team would have to pay another $100,000 per year for this. In a

7 billion dollar industry, they were asked to pay .000879% of their net

worth. IMPOSSIBLE I say. What did “super buff” Ed Hochuli do when

he heard the news? “I got down on the floor & started doing push-ups”

Hum, Channeling Edger Hoover, nice. I like it. Here’s all you need to

(“You like me!”)

know about the “replacement refs”. One of them was kicked out of the

Lingerie Football League for poor performance. Only way they might

have been worse is hiring bi-polar deaf blind people with Tourette’s

Would of make it a LOT more fun to watch those games on Sunday’s

“Holding, cockersuckerasshole, # whatever, bitch tits, on the offense”

You get what you pay for in life, & these official officials are the cats

(I said pajamas)

pajamas. They start tonight’s Raven’s game. Now just don’t fuck up

Mitt Wits “Reality Detachment”

Mr. Mittens Longbottom Fellows Esq said this about his Ohio chances:

“I’m going to win Ohio,” and, “I’m going to become the next president”

(Oh jeeez)

Oh, I see. Did the good people of Ohio know about this, because as of

now you’re 10 points down there? Oh, they don’t. Well it is Ok Dorthy

just click your heels 3 times, and things will all work out. He went on:

“Polls go up, polls go down”. Ahh yes, about the “up” part. When does

that exactly happen? See, cause that is the part you really need badly

(“I’m selling you BS”)

Baring some insane event, which has a .0004% possibility, it’s all over

Seems Mittens & Ryan are the last to know about this. The Republican

party today never meet a poll they didn’t hate. The country now knows

tax cuts for the top 3% & deregulation don’t do ANYTHING. The party

is over, and will “end” after the election. Last one out shut off the lights

Listen to the insanity of Republican’s today where they shout “Oh NO

(Oh, it’s a “chest tickle”)

all the polls are WRONG”. The gap is going to widen big time as Mitt’s

“47%” hateful words keeps playing in the swing states. Eventually after

the election, the TeaOP will shout, “Those voters are WRONG, they all

lied together voting for Obama, but they really meant to pick Romney”

When the modern Republican is financially supporting the “Legitimate

rape” candidate; I quote Bruce Banner on Loki: “That guy’s brain is a bag


of cats. You can smell crazy on him”. Yes Bruce, we couldn’t agree more

Have a day!

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