He’s in the news today. No, he didn’t sexually harass your mom

(Love that flavor)

At least I don’t think he did?? He shouldn’t be since he is just a

Sarah Palin Jr. sellout wank. Cain was only supposed to have 15

minutes, but currently he’s on hour number 73. He is like a big

turd that won’t flush down. But he can not seem to help himself

He recently said he would have a “substantial lead” over Obama

(Good one!)

right now if he was running for POTUS. Oh really? Why is that?

Oh, cause it is all “quite simple: I have some depth to my ideas”

Yes, his “depth” is more shallow than a kiddy pool. His “9-9-9”

plan isn’t a sound plan. It’s a tax code reform play to give the top

3% bigger tax cuts while making the middle class & the poor all

(Check me out!)

pay for it. “9-9-9” means 9 votes, in 9 towns, for about 9 seconds

He’s like a flea floating down river yelling “Open the drawbridge”

The Koch-Cain train is one hell of a drug. It’ll cost you everything

in your life. No work, check. No job, check. No friends, check. No

one who remotely respects you, check. No check, check. Don’t let

the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. Say hi to Palin & Mitt

Fast & Flubulious

Eric Holder was cleared by an internal commission. They did find

errors in letting gun get into the hands of Mexican drug cartels….

(“I love GUNS”)

Oh really?!?!?!? No shit. It is sort of bad when we hand assholes a

bunch of guns. Well, those bad apples who let it all happen have

been fired. Justice is served. FOX & the far right will still scream

for blood because they offer nothing else in policy. This program

was started under Bush, but don’t mention that to them. Because

(They will)

their heads will explode. The program was stupid. Now it’s done

Good, now maybe Congress can put up a jobs bill for all of US??

Oh, I forgot, the TeOP has had the house so there’s no chance of

that ever happening. But they’ll try the 35th time repealing AHCA

Should Bears Ride Sharks?!?!

The answer: fuck yes.It’s science fact that these two species have

always gotten along. They play basketball, chess, and rob banks

(This is natural)

But where their true connection lies is when the Bear rides the

shark. It’s just a sight of beauty in nature today. If you ever have

the luck to see this event in the moment. Crack out the cellphones

Have a weekend!

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