Akin Stayin, Warren War, & Kwayzar

September 26th, 2012

Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin is stayin, just sayin. He likes his chances

of getting that ever elusive “failed biology dumbfuck” vote. Meh, it will

(So long!)

give him 13% of Missouri. Hey Missourian’s, please for shits sake, you

can not elect a man who said women during a rape have “a way of just

shutting that whole thing down” in referring to a women’s reproductive

organs. Democrat Claire McCaskill, you’re welcome. Now don’t fuck it

up. Speaking of senate races where Republican’s say really stupid shit

(Me paleface!)

all the time. Scott Brown campaign decided to do “Indian war whoops”

& “Tomahawk chops” just to mock her slight American Indian heritage

How expected in today’s xenophobic hate machine filled GOP. It’s like

a frat house bully being a massive douche expecting everyone to laugh

No Scott, we’re cringing badly. The “good guy” image is now long gone

(“Let us go!”)

This is part of the race where you raise your hand & say, “Check please”

83 year-old rapper Kwayzar wants you to know he can still “do it” like

a champ. Yes, I mean “fuck the ladies”. This, is, awesome. You have to

watch it. He’s a WWII vet, a health nut, & can still clearly tap that ass

I don’t know about you at 83, but I will be happy if I’m still coherent

(“Tear that up”)

enough not to be smearing shit on the walls shouting, “A masterpiece”

The beats are right, the guys got skillz, & now bitches digits at Sun City

Greatest generation” indeed. He’s the only 83 year old guy with an STD

Have a day!

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