“Have A Good Time”…

September 20th, 2018

As the US deals with more senseless gun violence,

Republicans, All Attacking a ‘Sexual Assault’ Victim

(We know)

and Right Wing Media ignoring Anita Hill hearings

We still have Donny Dipshit “playing at president”

and royally fucking it up. While visiting decimated

parts of the Carolina’s he said “have a good time”

Followed, by Telling Another Man Who’s Boat Was

destroyed “at least you got a nice boat of the deal”

This guy is so Fucking insanely shitty at being any

kind of Human Being. He’d be A better Serial killer

than President. But he’d still manage to screw that

(<-Outta Touch)

up too I Am Guessing. Remember, VOTE, or this is

lunacy will only get way Worse. Register, and vote!

These people still need help, so donate $ or time to

help others. Thanks to all the tireless workers there

NOTE: Cohen Is Giving Mueller Everything He Needs
And More. Mueller Already Had Almost Everything, &
Now He’s Getting Way More. It’s Over For Trump, Etl
They Got The Trump¬†Organization’s Accountant Allen
Weisselberg Spilling, Manafort, and Cohen. So DONE
NOTE II: Christine Blasey Ford WILL Testify But with
Conditions. And, is Still ‘Seeking’ an FBI investigation
She is simply Ensuring this Isn’t a Political Smear Job

Have a day!

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