And, Another Hero Rises…

September 28th, 2018

Republican Jeff Flake did Something that we

will remember for all of American History. It

(Nicely done!)

was as heroic as it was thoughful. Jeff simply

said “I am a “No” Vote Unless We Delay This

Vote For One Week And Simply Allow An FBI

investigation, Limited In Scope, to Get to the

truth”. Wow! Perfection. This is just a Search

for the Truth. And Make No Mistake here this

means we Will Hear from Mark Judge, others,

the July 1st Party, might even find the House,

(<-Buckle Up)

& secure the Facts needed to make a decision

Brett Kavanaugh is shittin his Devils Triangles

NOTE: Enjoy This ‘Detailed Breakdown’ Of Both Dr Ford
And Kavanaugh’s Ability To Answer Questions. Wow this
is simply amazin & shows Brett Avoided them constantly

Have a weekend!

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