And Now, The Hate…

September 18th, 2018

The Reich Wing Today is not consistent,

they have No Honor, no Kindness, & no

(No shit!)

moral Footing. It Is Just the “Sociopath”

Wild West, where Republicans never do

anything Wrong, & Democrats ‘Existing’

is an Afront to humanity. It’s cult group

think shit, will Kill their party & is dying

off as Fast As Their “Base”. They are all

Blindly ‘Defending’ Kavanaugh, Because

he’s on their “Team”. It’s a series of lies,

excuses & Ignoring His Actions. All Their


smears will get worse, it won’t work and

they will All be branded the villains they

truly are. Those R Senators up for Their

Re-election lives can cast a Vote for this

guy & Will Lose. So I’m Looking at Cruz,

Heller, Wicker, Hyde – Smith. Please Do

proceed. Your Tiny leads will go away &

you will lose your seats. You already did

when you lost your Souls. Ooooooooops

NOTE: Kavanaugh’s Buddy, Mark Judge Is
ONE Massive, Racist, Homophobic, Hateful
Chauvinist Prick, And He Wrote Everything
About His Views Down. Oooooops. Busted!

Have a day!

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