2nd Accuser; GOP Fucked…

September 24th, 2018

As Rod Rosenstein “Is Up In The air” & means he

might be “fired” by trumpy the world see’s an ass

(Staying 4 now!)

hole Sociopath Skipping Across the Red line of All

red lines with glee. If Mueller is touched or told to

stop, we will now be in a Constitutional Crisis, but

it Also Ends Trump/All Republicans. Please, By All

means; proceed. And as This Idiotic Distraction is

is happening as a 2nd Accuser Stepped forward in

the Kavanaugh Saga. Ooooooooooops. And Boy Is

this shit Going Down Hill Fast. He’s Trying the old

“I never ‘wrote’, I stuck my dick or tried to rape a


young girl In My Day Runner, so is must not be at

all true” Excuse. It won’t Work & Shit will get very

bad For Both Him/Republicans by the Fucking day

They are Now Under the Hot spot lights defending

this Disgustingly Vile Shit for All of America to see

This ends so Very Very Badly for All R’s Right now

NOTE: Dems Have A 12 Point Lead Heading Into The
Mid Terms. It means Nothing unless Everyone VOTES

Have a day!

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