Julie Swetnick stepped forward and her charges

are VERY damning. She was Very Clear About it:

(<-Mr Asshole)

“In approximately 1982, I became the “victim” of one
of these ‘Gang’ or ‘train’ rapes where Mark Judge and
Brett Kavanaugh were both present (naming a friend)”

There needs to be an fbi investigation yesterday

Not for Criminal Charges But to Find out Exactly

what happened. This is utterly Unacceptable shit

people. And what are Republicans all doing?!?!?!

Standing Firmly Behind Kavanaugh & Slandering

the victims. EVERY, SINGLE, ONE of Them. This

ends Their Entire Party. They are Enraging a shit

ton Of Mid-Term Voters. All independents, who’ll

be all the difference makers this fall. If all of the

Republicans Allow This to Occur, They Will All Be


correctly called the immoral frauds they surly are

Kavanaugh Maintains His ‘innocence’ While Lying

non-Stop On His FOX. This Comes After A Bunch

of former Students confirm his hard drinkin days

& Already Said these Accusations all make sense

As Tomorrow looms Mr Crazyasfuck did what can

only be called “Sheer Lunacy” in the Form of This

off the rails babbling lies free range bullshit press

conference. I have never seen anythin’ like this in

my fucking life. Ever. He Didn’t Answer A Single ?

(So deserved)

or allow a reporter to fully ask their question. And

never before in my entire life have I seen a scotus

pick charged With These Serious Allegations & the

Republicans all collectively do nothing. It ends em

NOTE: So, ‘Republicans’ In Their Ever Sinking Depravity
Hire A Woman From Racist Joe Arpiao’s Office To Smear
Dr Ford Tomorrow. Oh boy This, Will Make Em Look BAD

Have a day!

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