This is fucked up. It’s actually well past super fucked up to me

What appears to be a lone gunman, walked into an Aurora, CO

(Yes he is)

mid-night screening of the Dark Knight Rises. He had on a long

coat, gas mask, Kevlar vest, and guns. He released an unknown

gas, then opened fire on the entire theater. People screamed &

ran for the exits. He gunned them down. Even a 6 year old girl

Police have him in custody right now. He’ll be going down hard

(holy shit)

What the fuck is wrong with people? TV anchors are now saying

the shooter did tear gas and began shooting while similar action

was happening onscreen, fooling the audience into thinking they

were watching a prank or special display. Holy sickness batman

The sad tragic total stands as 12 dead, & at least 50 injured now

(What horror)

Wow, sorry, kind of a fucking bumper way to start your Friday

but think how the families of the 12 fallen feel? They will never

be the same again. Ever. For those fucking idiots trying to link

these insane actions of a mad man to ANYTHING or ANYONE

yet is past disturbing. Let the FACTS come out. They always do

(This saddens me)

Unlike so many of these shootings, they GOT THE SHOOTER in

custody right now, so the answers will come. But as a nation we

just had the release of one of our most celebrated hero’s, turn to

this horrific tragedy by an evil insane person. It’s time for us to

all come together as one nation. Not splinter apart. That’s what

(Stay together now)

evil hateful people want. What they seek to do is divide, to scare

to make us doubt each other. If we take the lessons that comic

book hero’s dish out; we all need to rise, together, stronger, &

not let the hateful villains in this world hold the day any longer

I will be out of the country until Tuesday July 31st traveling, so

(I’m flying them!)

make your selves at home, look the stuff on the left, & read older

posts that you’ve never read before. Who knows, you just might

even like them for some strange reason. Meh, if they suck that

bad, you could just fix your car, get drunk, or play strip sudoku

Why not all three?!?!?! Have a weekend!

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