The Democrats are now doing something they don’t do. Attacking hard

The party of “Super Pussness”, has now laced up the gloves & are ready

(“Bring it”)

Congressional Democrats are saying, “either the wealthy lose their tax

cuts, & spending provisions, or they will all expire”. D-Patty Murry said:

“If we can’t get a good deal, a balanced deal, that calls on the wealthy to
pay their fair share, then I will absolutely continue this debate into 2013,
rather than a long deal throwing middle-class families under the bus”

Holy brass balls on this lady. These fuckers mean business. She went on:

(Singing “Suck it”)

“If Republicans won’t work on a balanced approach, we won’t get a deal”

Who are these people? They sound like people ready to do good things….

That’s when she went ahead & used a term that doesn’t even exist today

“Responsible Republicans”. Perhaps this next election cycle we get those

Dems are using basic raw facts, & STICKING with them. On the Sunday

(The GOP)

shows, an Obama spokesperson said, “I am not apologizing for all of us

saying the truth”. Since Mitt is running on his Bain experience, he has to

now release “that experience”, in the form of tax returns for all America

to see. It’s what every other person who has ran for office has had to do

(So like you)

Shit, even his FATHER released 12 years of tax returns for fucks sake…

Big Republican’s calling for Mitt’s to release his returns: John Weaver,

Robert Bently, Bill Kristol(Neo-con), George Will, Matthew Dodd, and

even Haley Barbour AKA “Fog Horn Leg Horn”. Wow, he’s super mega

fucked. When these hard core conservatives are telling you, best listen

(Release them into the wild)

Oh, it also tell us all, that he’s hiding something very very very shitty

This might be the end of Mitt folks. His campaign spokes thing said…

“He retired retroactively”. Oh, cool, so I retroactively wasn’t speeding

I also retroactively never fucked your sister, or held 8lbs of nice weed

The Weiner Mobile Drives On

Anthony Weiner’s wife encouraged him to “give it his all”. Thought he

already did with “twitter junk”. Turns out he wants to run for mayor…

(You should elect me!)

of having on-line affairs. *insert groan here*. Meh, they’re not all good

No matter, it’s his wife Huma who wants him to go back into it all. For

the $. Sorry to say, but the Weiner Mobile is out of gas. It’s on you now

(Befriend Spitzer)

And seconds until a porn is floated around about it????? 3……2……….1

Have a day!

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