Check out this wild clip from a Jordanian debate on live TV

Holy shit balls. Throwing a shoe is just plan old goofy ass

(No shoe throwing!)

But pulling a fucking gun on someone is a another thing…

“Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!”. This shit is nuttier than out political

system, and that is nucking futs. I see a TP debate in the

future where the guy pulls a gun shoots his opponent &

(Science fact)

than says, “My opponent has died from lead poisoning”

Jordanian Parliament Member Mohammed Shawabka &

activist Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad turned a debate into

a Jordanian stand off. That’s where you call his father a

(True, Stan)

lying Israeli spy, so he throws a shoe, & then pulls a gun

on your ass. Actually it was on his face, but the big shocker

was the other didn’t back down even thought dude had a

gun pointed at him. I’d guess the TV camera’s might have

a little something to do with that. You can just say, “Oh no


I never shot him”. Then they show 5 different angles of the

dude doing it. Meh, it’s bad but still better than FOX noise

Republican’s Douching It Up…AGAIN

To date, the House has voted 30 times to defund, dismantle

and repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act. Now make it…31

(Stop helping people)

Not jobs, not stopping the tax cuts for the top 3%, not a bill

on fixing much needed infrastructure. Not anything that’ll

help average Americans. To them, they just say, “Suck it!”

Oh, they love the constitution…until it rules against them

(What douchebags)

so then it’s “Fuck reality. I want what I want when I want it”

Their party is dead, & sadly they’re the last to hear about it

Have a day!

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