Not yet, and my best guess is they will wait on this until August

Who’ll be “Romney’s Choice”? Which is ironically the brand

(“I know kung fu”)

new name of movie about a war torn solider choosing between

the life & death of his 2 kids. It’s also a new brand of coffee for

people making over 3 billion. Mitt’s “short list” is so short…

only has around 3 names on it. They are: Bobby “Mr. Rodgers”

(I like “Turd Ringer” productions)

Jindal, Tim “Ice Man” Pawlenty, & Mark “Tea So Crazy” Rubio

Now he could go all wild card and take Kelly Ayotte, so they’d

become “Mitt And Kelly”, which sounds like a bad 50’s spring

break movie with the cops hassling them as they sing and kiss

Mitt won’t even release his tax returns, because once he does

(“Oh shit”)

it shows him to the “out of touch rich business guy” that every

one already knows he is. It’s like Dirk Diggler whipping it out

You don’t have to, we all already know all the talk is true…….

This has now become “He said, he won’t”. Mitt is running on

his experience at Bain, but won’t release his tax returns. You

(It’s a page turner)

know, like Obama had to do when he was running back in 08

He released 2000-06, & then once elected 07 & 08. See how

that works? You want the presidency? Then drop your pants

Bottom line is now even the Republican governors are calling


for it, because it unsettles voters plain and simple. Well………

actually the entire Republican party today does, but whatever

Title teaser for tomorrow: “Anthony Weiner want’s to slip it

back in”. He’s thinking Mayor of NY: “NYC’s got a big Weiner”

Have a day!

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