Obama Tax Cut Fight?

July 9th, 2012

Seems Obama wants to raise taxes on those making over $250,000

But keep the cuts for those making under it. Oh, what a great idea!

(Yes, you like it”)

It’s the exact one he had when running for president in 2008. Now

how did that turn out? Oh, you EXTENDED the fucking Bush tax

cuts dipshit. We all know this buddy. If you extend them again, you

(“Oh yeah, that”)

lost a shitload of people with that dunder fuck move. It’d be like a

guy scheduling a fight, than when the fight date comes up, he says,

Hey, yeah, soooo, about that. Can we reschedule that end of 2012″?

He has made it clear that when they expire, he plans to ONLY keep

(Yes, we likey!)

them in place for those making $250,000 & below. Which works…

Finally! If you do it, it’ll piss off all Republicans for the 1%. GOOD

How Do Republican’s Fix Healthcare Problems In Texas?!?!

Oh right, say, “the facts in that report are wrong”, then say, “Fuck

off 1 out of 4 who are uninsured. Sucks to be Y-O-U kid truck nutz”


Rick “Ooops” Perry decided to almost say just that on TV right here

It’s like someone saying, “OK, we have a problem with rats in this

report that was conducted showing an overflow of rats in the city

so my question to you, what’s your solution to fix this problem?”

“I can strangle them healthy”)

Then the man responding: “First off, EVERYONE comes to Texas

from all over the world because we’re RAT FREE you dumb dumb

Oh, your report is full of shit. It’s fake & false so my solution is for

you & anyone who accepts that report to fuck off, how’s that?!?!”

(There it is)

You almost half expect his pants to fall down, heroin needles &

drugs to fall out of pockets, along with photo’s of him fucking a

group of guys in the ass. His only response would be, “Ooooops”

Should Babies Box Heavyweights?

Yes, and HELL yes. Think about it. Right when the guy is about to

blast that babies face in half, the child looks up at him, coo’s, and

(They are $ makers)

then the boxer holds him in his arms, singing to it, crying, & givin

it all the love in the world. That’s when the baby delivers a choppin

devistating underhanded upper cut knocking out the large boxer…

(40% more asskicking)

Yeah, or the baby dies, the league gets sued, & everyone remotely

involved with this sickening train wreck goes right to jail forever….

Have a day!

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