Lord Mittington Fancy Slacks addressed the NAACP. He sold his

usual talking points: gumberment bad, freedom good, all tax cuts

(Ask “him” for help)

awesome, deregulation great, & cut all social safety net programs

You know, “the usual”. Like when a guy walks into a diner he has

frequented since forever, the waitress Mige say, “The usual Bob?”

But this time there was a problem, a trip up, a glitch in the Matrix

(Did we try tax cuts again?)

People were actually listening to what he was saying, the words he

spoke, and the policy he promoted. When you try to sell, “Oh, and

that healthcare reform that helps others, well fuck that noise” will

not go over well. He got booed. He got booed long, loud, and hard

(He doesn’t know why)

The difference in political parties could not ever be bigger here

You have one reactionary hate button on the right today where if

Obama said, “I want no children in the US starving or going with

out food. Hey now, we’re America, and we help stop this”. They’d

fucking boo him. Not for his words, policy, or facts, but just cause

(oh, it’s new)

it’s “him” who said it. THAT’S the difference. THAT’S the core of it

all. Reminds me of a fun story. A guy suggest to a group of friends,

“Guys, how about we all go to this titty bar across town all on me?”

The group says, “Peter, that’s a stupid idea”. They wait around, &

time passes as they exhale loudly. Then another guy says, “I got it,

(“I got it…”)

let’s go piss into the mall fountain, & give each other aids!”. They

shout, “BRILLIANT idea Stew!”. A chair in the room falls over as

they all run out in a hurry. This leaves only Peter as he shakes his

head, & thinks, “man, I gotta get me some new fucking friends”

Jesse Jackson Jr., Lying “Jagoff At Large”

Jesse has a “mood disorder”, or as us humans call it, “a cheating

problem”. Remember when I posted in December of 2008, this?

(Wrong Jackson family)

I posted this warning: “Raghuveer Nayak. Remember that name.

It’s going to be the downfall of Jesse Jackson Jr”. I was referring

to the fact that Nayak approached Blago for the seat on his behalf

Well, turns out ol’ JJJ asked Nayak, who is a big political donor &

friend, to pay for air fare & travel accommodations for “a woman”

(One way)

Jackson calls a “social acquaintance”. Oh reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally?

political math: an election year + cheating liar = “mood disorder”

He didn’t get busted on the Blago bit, which he should’ve. Hell

if my agent does something on MY behalf, by law, they’re fuckin

representing ME. So, it gave him bigger nastier Super Dick balls

(Not all there)

Where he thinks he can rip down buildings with his hands & fly

*John laughs at the image of JJJ struggling to move a building*

Meh, bad is bad, and it’s just ugly & bad. Hey, try it out to see if

it works. Tell your boss off? “Mood disorder”. Get busted lying?

“Mood disorder”? Rape a box full of cute kittens? Well, that’s

just fucking sick so get your head checked out. It’s hella wrong

Have a day!

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