No “Hope” For Hicks…

June 19th, 2019

In Today’s “DC Bullshit Fest 2019” Hope Hicks

said NOTHING. Her “Legal” Objected at every


question at every turn. Dems best get their ass

in Gear. This Silly ‘Kangaroo Court Stuff’ Is Not

what they are in Power for. Checks & balances,

accountability, Upholding the Law and JUSTICE

If they keep playing political games it costs em

And, While Trumps 2020 Campaign Launch For

2020 told 1 lie for every 5 min. It was Lil’ more

Than A 2016 “Great Hits”. If That Is His “Entire”

“Plan” Ohhhh shitballs he’s gonna get Trounced

by A vertical Vending Machine. He is Trying His

(The Sadness)

“Populist Message” but Governing like the sick

muck of his Swamp. HE/They ARE the Swamp

The main note is stoking Hate Against “Others”

And LBJ Already Explained this Con man Trick

Bashing Clinton, lying & Being Racist won’t Get

him re-elected. Not of the Dems don’t fuck this

up….which they are sadly pretty Damn good at

NOTE: Cubs VS. Sox series Under Way. In Game One The
Sox Win. Game Two Is Tonight. Let’s get a South Side win
NOTE II: the Republican Loving Orlando Sentinel not ONLY
Didn’t “Endorse” Trump, They Un-Endorsed Him Saying In
Very Clear Words “The Corruption, And Especially the Lies”
And, At The Rally, A Trump MAGA Guy, Slapped A Orlando
Sentinel Reporters Phone Camera, Away From Them, Now
Causing Battery Charges, Against The Idiot Jack-ass Fucko

Have a day!


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5 Responses to “No “Hope” For Hicks…”

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