For Orange Idiot, even Fox Turns On Him

Well, I say “Turns”, but it’s really more of

(“He fucked”)

“Pointing out legal Reality”. When the Fat

orange asshole gets called out by Fox and

Frauds; the end’s near. Shep Smith and 1

Judge Have Ended This “Thing”. And I DO

mean totally legally called him out. Ha ha

And as that happened on Friday, a fucked

up interview where Trump made so many

Mistake Played Out, Like Frost VS Nixon X

30 Billion. George Stephanopoulos, “Tore!”

Orange Douchecisle A new asshole. And it

(Unstable Genius)

was a Painful as it Was Gross with the lies

& Outright Insane claims. Aside From Him

lying, About “WHAT” Mueller Actually Said

about him/His Report he didn’t Read, then

to top it all off. It was a ratings Flop. Yeah

you Read that Right. He is All Undone Now

NOTE: Trump Fires Pollster For Telling Him The Truth
About His Polls For His 2020 Re-Election. Yep, SHOOT
The Messenger is what Lunatics always do, always Lie

Have a day!


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