X-mas Lights, & Suckabee!

December 19th, 2012

Are X-mas lights really just the mind war of suburban penis size?

Of course. If I have “more” lights, & “better display’s” people will

(“Warp 5!”)

pay “MORE attention to ME”. See, I say, just cut out the middle

man. Spend all the $ you’d put into a bunch of tangled & crappy

light will eventually burn out, & go get a penis implant. Or do a

usual thing and get a sports car. Either or, really it’s all your call

Happy Harmonica if you’re Jewish, happy “baby Jesus day” if’n

(“Oh Santa!”)

your Catholic or Christian, & happy tip top Tet, or whatever you

do in your part of the world. Just have fun, & always know this:

Putting too much work into X-mas lights is also another way of

saying, “I really can’t fucking stand my kids, & do this instead!”

Mike Huckabee Is One Sad Sick Fucked Up Turd

When an asshole tries to use a horrible event like a CT shooting

to point out god is mad because prayers are out of schools so he

(“I’m a basshole!”)

let this happen, I am reminded of my mother, who said, “Some

people get mouth’s but have no brain to help run them”. That is

some truth right there. When one uses these events to “plug the

religion of your choice” while saying “god was mad about it all”

you’re kind of a useless cock sucker who should be catapulted


from the very top of the Chrysler Building. So when god doesn’t

save him, we can all laughingly say; “Uh, guess it was gods will,

according to massive huckster asshole turds!”. What a douche!

Note: I’m on holiday break, sorry, happens every year!

Have a Holiday!

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