The Republican party panics as the Titanic quickly slips into the cold

icy death waters forever. While the rich make a power grab for all the


life boats, as the poor look on awaiting their fate. So Billy Zane’s just

prowlin the deck looking for his “bitch”. Meanwhile in the real world

Tea Turd nutty assface delight Jim DeMint decided he’d “step down”

Mostly because he knows his positions, views, & irrational policy are

now all unelectable. But not to worry, he will be heading up a big new

(“Hold minority babies like this”)

conservative “think tank” to repackage ways to make you THINK you

really like their insane positions, views, & irrational policy. By “new”

I mean “old”, & by “big” I mean “small collection of older white guys”

He’s now joining The Heritage Foundation AKA “Fuck The Poor and

All Minorities Of Every Kind”; it is basically Dick Cheney’s old study

Jimmy said this: “I’m leaving the Senate now, but I’m not leaving the
fight. I’ve decided to join The Heritage Foundation at a time when the
conservative movement needs strong leadership in the battle of ideas”

(Now I’ll lie more)

Translation: “In the light of day as an elected official, I can not craft a
message of big hateful BS, as I’ll be called out on it by my piers. But as
as a private citizen, I’ll use all the power of media to be Glenn Beck Jr.”

The bottom line to any Tea Party suckers is this. They used YOU, they

took you for a ride, they lied, whipped your fervor, created a false tone

all on the hateful ignorance of “the other”. He’s cashing out, & leaving

you suckers holding the bag of shit. You’ve been used, duped, conned,

grifted, scammed, & cheated. Palin did it to you; Jimmy did it to you;

(Can you hear the ocean?)

& so will everyone else currently in the GOP. The ship is sinking, and

most everyone in the GOP will jumping the life boat line laughing at

you all the while…….clutching a money sack with big-ass $ sign on it

I’ve stated this here often. It’s over, shut off the lights when you leave

Ed Asner Evil? Oh, FOX Says So…

Oh for fucks sake really?!? You’re now going after the voice of the old

guy from Disney’s UP? What is FOX’s batshitcrazy cult up to now???

(“Odumber Muslin Nazi”)

They are taking exception to this video which discuss the impact of

“trickle down” economics. It shows wealthy people pissing on all the

poor people at one point. Not exactly how I’d put it. It’s really more

like “shit”. It’s a failed ideology, a failed economic policy, & a big lie


tells you it has, is 100% FULL of SHIT. I have a degree in economics

(GOP policy)

But FOX doesn’t want to have that economic reality discussion, they

would rather demonize the man calling him every name in the book:

“Marxist propaganda”, “radical left wing Hollywood actor”, “Antifree

speech thug”, “9/11 Truther nutcase”, “proud card carrying Socialist”

They called a video put out by the California Federation of Teachers

a propaganda piece. Ahem, propaganda is when what you want isn’t

(Truth hurts)

reality, but you got to lie to get morons to believe what you say. You

know, FOX news. Economic REALITY is not propaganda to us sane

people. BUT it’d be called propaganda by a TV network who always

does propaganda. See, to the propagandist, “the truth” now MUST

be propaganda, otherwise the BS “they’ve all been selling” clearly is

A chronic cheater pre emptively always calls the “honest player” “a

(“Commie movie!”)

cheater” just to muddy the waters & detract from their big cheating

It’s also known as projection. They think “I’d cheat, so they will too”

They even sent out a reporter to corner Ed who’s doing a show here:

FOX: “Remember the video? Do you know what I’m talking about?”

ED: “I don’t remember a thing I said on it or a word I said on it, but
I agreed to do it for California teachers. I approve this message.”

FOX: “There’s a part of it where talking about things trickling
down and they have like rich people peeing on poor people”

ED: “How disgusting, it should be reversed.”

FOX: “So you don’t remember that?”

ED: “Do you have any money?”

FOX: “Yeah.”

ED: “Can I piss on you?”

(“Hi FOX!”)

And scene! Don’t really know what Ed was going for, but it was funny

Only in the nut insane FOX World Of Warped Reality is an older guy

making a case “we should think about paying teachers a decent wage

& think about our responsibility to the poor” evil. Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Have a weekend!

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