GOP Implosion, FOX Is Dickless

December 5th, 2012

Wow, did you lose weight?!?! No? Oh, then my Lasik’s surgery was

a total fucking botch. At least now my skewed insane vision is just

(Knew it, they’re just shitfaced)

closer to the current Republican party in congress. Now the GOP’s

eating their own. 2 Tea Party Turd Republican’s were booted from

the budget committee, because two less Norquist dolts, means deal

Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, and Michigan’s Justin Amash were just

“kicked off” the committee. What the hell? Now all of the Congress

(Upper cut’s coming)

budgeting committee’s are “Survivor Style” now? No matter how it

comes down, the only Tea Party faction still left has no power, and

are becoming fewer by the day. The hate reign of Grover’s over, it’s

done, toast, finito, so long, curtains, cheerio, & sayonara fuck face

But does that stop bigot douchebags like Jim DeMint from trying?

Nope. And the great news is the intelligent folks of South Carolina

(“I’m a total bag of dicks”)

will send him & all the hating Tea Turd whackjobs still left packing

“Fuck minorities, poor, middle class, unions, & 97%” is not policy

It’s the American Taliban in governance, & their bad actions’ll end

the party faster then the 2014 elections ever could. If Republican’s

let the tax cuts expire for all. They’ll have basically pissed off 97%

of voters. That…will…cost you in the long run. And end your party

Hey FOX, No More Dick Morris Or Rove To Push Around

FOX doesn’t like Dick Morris or his insane predictions anymore, or

even Karl Rove either. But they’ll come back later for other elections

(“I suck toes baby”)

It is mostly because they think “it will hurt the brand”. Clearly FOX

does not know their own brand. Their audience is older white male

suburban guys who don’t like any heavy lifting or thinking about all

the real economic & societal problems today. All we want, is stupid

hot girls to tell us that minorities, atheists, gays, teachers, the poor

& “liberals” are to blame for everything bad in the history of forever

(2 more & it’s good porn)

No, that’s not the case. Find the big rectangular thing with reflective

glass. It’s called a mirror. Find one, & use it. It might just save your

life one day, and wake you up from your FOX insane lies nightmare

As long as FOX’s lying & acting as a fully functional arm of the GOP

it’ll be irrelevant insane drivel. For all the faults with CNN, and even

MSNBC, at least they’re not directly shilling the DNC. They may even

(reality sucks)

like Obama, but won’t just blindly make shit up to suit their personal

political views. That’d be disgusting, fucked up, & sad. That’d be FOX

Have a day!

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