Turns out they do “exist”. Odd how that works even though

Israel wants to pretend they don’t exist. Um, yeah, they do

(Both of you knock it off)

occupy space & time so no matter how much you don’t like

somebody, or want them “not to exist”, they do. Now, does

Hamas can go suck eggs for launchin’ rockets into the Gaza

strip? Oh fuck yes. They are stupid, hateful turds using the

tactics of violence & hate. That doesn’t solve shit. That just

starts wars, fights, & never ends. And Israel, after 4 of their

(Boom, you’re a state)

own die from the hate, they go kill 50 or 1,000 innocents to

try to make a point. Listen up you two knuckle heads, here

is the straight poop. Palestine does exist, & they share this

land with you. Now they best stop with the rocket BS, and

you best stop with the “You don’t exist” shit. The UN voted

and the world does recognize them as a state. That’s a good

thing. And Hamas best stop the hate, or it can now be taken

(It’s a “time out” shit head)

away, so like Fonzie was, just all be cooooooooooooooooool

Listen Up Republican Obstructionist Assfucks

Your party is dying, & with openly stating “we will not raise

taxes on the top 3%” you’re speeding up your death. OK, it’s

(Is all you got left)

cool with the country. Go on & try to sell, “taxes had to go up

on 97% of the rest of country to protect billionaires blowing

their noses & wiping their asses with 100’s. I’m no gypsy, but

2014 looks very damn bleak for ya insane older white fuckers

My guess is you turds still do not know from this last election

(GOP today)

that the older racist white male votes won’t ever be enough to

win any national election again. And your specific stances all

tell me that. Meh, keep it up idiots, it’s all over but the crying

Have a day!

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