With tax cuts expiring as soon as 2013 hits, it is funny that the

GOP is now wondering “Hey, who’s THIS Obama?”. What does

(Election was clear)

“TNS” mean? It means “taking no shit”. He’s fucking done with

these children in the GOP. It floored John Boner Boy badly the

other day with “I was flabbergasted” on the keeping the tax cuts

for all 97% of American’s, while raising the rate on the top 3%

The Bottom Line: Obama doesn’t have to run for re-election so

(John Boehner)

you are not getting away with the hateful racist obstructionist

shit you idiots pulled the 1st 4 years. It’s time to govern. If you

can’t, you’ll be replaced you big apologists for the top 3% while

sticking it directly to the other 97% of us. That’s the end of you

There’s the short pier, you’ve now began your long walk on it…

FOX’s Usual Freak Out

Sunday Night Football has Bob Costas talking about gun control

It was a salient cogent point. Not fire branding “all guns are bad”

(True that)

But what did the current freak out machine FOX do????? Oh it’s

pretty simple. Claim his position was what it wasn’t, then tell its’

audience Bob “Used the death of KC linebacker Jovan Belcher to

call for gun control”. So Gretchen, 2 clowns short of a full circus,

added, “when people unfortunately want to kill other people…..

(Pretty simple)

there are a lot of ways to do it”. Yes dumb fuck, but guns sort of

“speed that up”. It’s a lot less work than a good choking, or a big

beating. You people at FOX are literally “insane children on air”

Have a day!

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