Mitt Romney! Wow, at least he finally won something. Actually it

was Rush Limpballs who is winning the on-line poll with his big

(“Loud noises!”)

“Obamacare is the biggest tax in history” insane lie. But Mittens

lies were well documented all along the way. His Jeep ad lies, &

his “you didn’t build that” meme lies, & even his “apology tour”

batshitcrazy lies. Shit, his entire campaign was based all on lies

(Of course not)

Poor Mitt, now all he can do is go play with his dancing horse &

jerk off on wheel barrows full of $100’s. Some folks have it rough

We would have also accepted the guy at the bar who said he was

an Astronaut, or the guy who told that one girl he wasn’t looking

at her tits, it was the stain on the front of her dress. Big time lies

Fiscal Douchebaggery & Debt Ceiling Dealing Squealing

Currently the entire Republican party only wants to use economic

terrorism to deal with our impending “tax cuts” expiring. They’ll

(That’s one way)

not raise taxes on the top 3%. Only problem is now 61% of them

in the House now say they would accept “tax increases on all the

high earners”. Whoopsie!  There coalition of crazy is cracking, &

Republican’s living in moderate districts know the voters will be

mega pissed if THEIR taxes go up to protect the top 3%. They’re

(Turtle dick)

screwed, & will raise taxes on the rich, while keeping the tax cuts

in place for the middle class or 97% of the rest of us. It’s all over

but the crying. After all, if they don’t finish this deal, the GOP’s

the one that’s directly responsible. The American public knows

that, so if they want to speed up the end of their party. Go for it

Tomorrow: “Little Man Of Steele” comedy short

Have a day!

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